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Oct 20, 2018


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  • Free Music Mondays w/ The Matchsellers, Rod Hamdallah 8pm @ Be Here Now 505 N. Dill St.

    Mondays rule at the Be Here Now!!!
    Check out these NATIONAL touring acts on the road between bigger markets... yes, we're bringing great acts to Muncie and helping keep them on the road! You can help us help them help you continue to have this awesome night in fair Muncie by coming out to show your support, inviting (or dragging!) a friend or two along, and generally being the awesome person that you are! We've got great drink specials to boot! 

    The Matchsllers are a bluegrass duo out of Kansas City, Missouri. Their latest album, "Bluegrastronauts", has been featured on NPR's Mountain Stage Radio Show.

    Rod Hamdallah's musical elements are rooted in Blues, Garage Rock and Early Country. Low-fidelity, dark storytelling and American Roots Music play a big part in the songwriting. He creates a sound that can be likened to artists such as The Flat Duo Jets and The Black Keys.