About Muncie Events

Muncie Events is a comprehensive event promotion tool provided to the city of Muncie, Indiana by the Muncie Arts and Culture Council and the Center for Business and Economic Research at Ball State University.

This service is guided by the following principles:

  • Free: A community calendar should be free for everyone to view and contribute to.
  • Democratic: The contents and function of a community calendar should be determined by the community.
  • Egalitarian: All demographics, event types, and genres of expression should be promoted equally in order to break down social barriers and unite disparate components of the community.
  • Decentralized: A decentralized, multifaceted approach to distributing a database of event information allows it to reach a wider audience by a variety of methods and with the participation of community partners.
  • Evolving: The development of an online community calendar should be an ongoing process, guided by the community that it serves and the advancement of web technology.

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