Events on June 28, 2017

  • CineMuncie presents: The Tingler 6:30pm @ Carnegie Library 301 East Jackson Street

    CineMuncie is a film club that meets monthly at Carnegie Library downtown. The month of June, for movie buffs, means one thing: Drive-In season!! It's a celebration of the Drive-In B-movie at the June CineMuncie. Join us for William Castle's 1959 carnival side-show of a monster movie "The TIngler", staring Vincent Price. 

    Dr. Warren Chapin (Price) has made a surprising discovery -- the spine-chilling sensation that people get when scared is due to a parasite that he dubs the "tingler." Soon the tingler escapes, and is on the loose!

    As with all Muncie Public Library events, it is totally free of charge, and you do not need a library card to participate. Just show up!

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  • U.S. Army Jazz Ambassadors 8pm @ Emens Auditorium 1800 W Riverside Ave, Ball State University, Muncie IN

    Many things set the Music for All Summer Symposium apart and one of those is the nightly concert series. Each evening features artists and groups presenting a variety of musical performance genres.

    The Jazz Ambassadors—America’s Big Band is the official touring big band of the United States Army. This 19-member ensemble, formed in 1969, has received great acclaim both at home and abroad performing America’s original art form: jazz.

    Concerts by the Jazz Ambassadors are designed to entertain all types of audiences. Custom compositions and arrangements highlight the group’s creative talent and gifted soloists. Their diverse repertoire includes big band, swing, bebop, Latin, contemporary jazz, standards, popular tunes, Dixieland, vocals, and patriotic selections.

    TICKETS: Free admission, balcony seating only. You can pick up your complimentary ticket prior to the performance at the Emens Auditorium ticket office.