Lost Towns of Delaware County, Indiana

When Friday, April 26, 2019
10:00am to 11:30am
Where The E.B. and Bertha C. Ball Center
Ball State University
400 Minnetrista Boulevard, Muncie
What Education - history
Cost No Charge- Reservations Required
Ages 18+
The E.B. and Bertha C. Ball Center

Nearly 100 distinct settlements existed in what we now call Delaware County. Since the end of the American Revolution, Native Americans, pioneer farmers, industrialists and factory workers settled across the county in hamlets, villages and towns of all sizes. Some of these communities survived the ebb and flow of history to prosper, while others disappeared, becoming lost in the collective memory. Today, many residents would only recognize the city of Muncie and the towns of Albany, Daleville, Eaton, Gaston, Selma, and Yorktown. A few might know of villages such as Desoto, New Burlington, Smithfield, and Wheeling. Most have probably never heard of Dogtown, Gate’s Corner, Granville, and Soccum. Drawing upon years of research, Chris uncovers the stories of these lost towns in his new book, Lost Towns of Delaware County, Indiana. Books will be available for signing.