2 hr Restorative Yoga

When Friday, October 19, 2018
5:30pm to 7:30pm
Where Lotus Yoga Studio
814 W White River Blvd Muncie, IN 47303
What General Events - fitness, meditation, relaxation, yoga
Cost $20
Series 2 hr Restorative Yoga

Your body will completely relax as Kristie takes you into a practice filled with asanas that will enable you to stretch into wonderfully deep poses while being fully supported with props. This allows the body to ‘let go’. In these poses you will begin healing both body and spirit.

This practice is appropriate for any level – from ‘never done it before’ to ‘been doing it all my life’. We will spend up to 5 minutes in each pose allowing our bodies to surrender and welcome the positions. Kristie will take you through a series that will include every muscle and joint, leaving you thoroughly tranquil.

$20 for this two hour session

Please note that there are TWO of these 2 hour sessions. Friday and Saturday evening, please be sure to sign up for the one that works best with your schedule. Tickets may not be transferable, depending on open spacing. 


Pre-registration is required, please purchase tickets here