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Nov 8, 2021


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Feb 11, 2021


  • The Creative Use of Difference Discussion Series (part 1) - The Art of Politics 6pm to 7pm @ Virtual Event

    PlySpace, an immersive Artist-in-Residence program of the Muncie Arts and Culture Council, is hosting four community panel discussion webinars as part of the series: The Creative Use of Difference. Each panel will feature artists, both local and national, who are using their respected art forms to creatively bring awareness to societal issues such as racial injustices, sexism, and more. These hour-long discussions will be in collaboration with Atlanta-based artist Indya Childs as she develops a new work, entitled "Peace, Love, Dance" with Ball State University Department of Theatre and Dance students. The semester-long project will culminate in a dance film, choreographed by Indya and the students in response to the Creative Use of Difference series. The film will be completed and will premiere later this spring, details forthcoming. All discussions in the Creative Use of Difference series will be held online, are free, and open to the public. Registration is required to access each discussion webinar. Learn more about the panelists and project at Plyspace.org/pld

    The Art of Politics
    February 11th, 2021 from 6-7 PM (online)
    Featuring panelists Ted Williams III and Shantanu Suman
    The Art of Politics is a discussion with artists on how they are using their artistic voices to bring awareness to politics, social change, and more. 

    The Black Woman Creating
    February 18th, 2021 from 6-7 PM (online)
    Featuring guest panelists Charmaine Minniefield and Dee Dee Batteast
    The Black Woman Creating is a discussion with Black female-identifying artists whose work is influenced by Black feminism, social justice, and more. 

    Women Shifting the Space
    February 25th, 2021 from 6-7 PM (online)
    Featuring guest panelists Ana de Brea and Lauren Pacheco
    Women Shifting the Space is a discussion with female-identifying artists on how they are shifting the space of patriarchy and creating a space for female visibility and leadership. 

    The “New” Policies of Dance
    March 4th, 2021 from 6-7 PM (online)
    Featuring guest panelists Felecia Thomas and Beverly Bautista
    The “New” Policies of Dance is a discussion with dance educators that will highlight the new policies of inclusion, diversity, and equality in the dance world adopted by dance schools, institutions, etc in the wake of 2020. 

    Registration is required for each event. Please see the website for details. 

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Sep 12, 2020


  • That One Film Festival 11:30am to 10pm @ Virtual Event
    URL: https://www.thatonefilmfestival.com/
    Cost: FREE Online Event
    Ages: PG-13

    MUNCIE, INDIANA— That One Film Festival Celebrates Experimental Filmmakers During Two-Day Event

    This September 11th and 12th marks the return of That One Film Festival, Muncie’s own biennial experimental film festival. The two-day event will be a free live streaming event available online with an in-person, socially-distanced, outdoor opening night screening at Canan Commons on Friday, September 11th (600 S Walnut St, Muncie, Indiana) where visitors can watch the first two programs on a large movie screen, and participate in the live stream content. The Saturday, September 12th events will be streamed entirely online.

    The event is produced by students in an immersive learning course at the Ball State University School of Art, with artistic directors Associate Professor Maura Jasper and Assistant Professor Kristin Reeves, in partnership with the Muncie Arts and Culture Council.

    That One Film Festival celebrates the work of moving image artists from around the globe. The festival specializes in experimental, no/low budget, and avant-garde film and video art. This year, more than 275 films were submitted to That One for consideration. Of those submissions, 36 individual films have been selected for this year’s program, in addition to screenings of work by the festival’s two jurors, Karissa Hahn and Laura Parnes, and a performance by filmmaker Michael Morris.

    All opening night activities at Canan Commons on Friday, September 11th, are free and open to the public. Tickets are required and can be reserved for free at thatonefilmfestival.com. Viewers (grouped by household) will be directed to marked areas on the Canan Commons green which will be situated to promote social distancing. Masks are required until viewers are seated. Viewers are encouraged to bring their own picnic, non-alcoholic beverages, chairs, and blankets as there will be no food or drinks served at the event. Porta-potties and hand sanitizer will be available. This event is rated PG-13 for strong language, and viewer discretion is advised. All events are Eastern Standard Time.

    Seating at Canan Commons begins at 5:15p on Friday, September 11th. The night kicks off at 5:45p with an introduction by festival Master of Ceremonies Dennis Everette, and Muncie Arts and Culture Council Executive Director Erin Williams. The live stream screening will begin at 6:00p with a selection of work by Karissa Hahn, PlySpace Virtual Resident and co-juror at this year’s festival, followed by two one-hour programs. The screenings will end at 9:15p, after which there will be a performance by filmmaker Michael Morris. The event will conclude at 10:00p. The opening night programs will also be live streamed at thatonefilmfestival.com for those who do not attend the in-person event.

    The festival will continue online on Saturday, September 12th, as a live stream only. Beginning at 11:30a, five one-hour programs will be presented throughout the day and evening, as well as a screening of work by New York artist and co-juror Laura Parnes. Each program will be followed by a short intermission. There will be a scheduled dinner break from 5:30p to 7:30p. The program will conclude at 9:45p with the announcement of the three festival award winners. The full program of films and event times is available at www.thatonefilmfestival.com.

    For more information, please visit thatonefilmfestival.com or take a look at @that1film on social media. Queries can also be sent to thatone@munciearts.org or info@munciearts.org. Questions about accessibility can be directed to info@munciearts.org.

    The Muncie Arts & Culture Council (MACC) is the designated Arts Partner for the City of Muncie. As Arts Partner, MACC assists with municipal initiatives where art integration can benefit economic development and Quality of Place. As an arts alliance, MACC builds community among artists and arts organizations and serves as a resource for professional growth and opportunity. Learn more about MACC and its programs and collaborations at munciearts.org.


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Aug 23, 2020


Aug 22, 2020


  • Ashley Beatty & Jeff Schofield Installation 2pm to 3pm @ Prairie Creek Reservoir Mid-Indiana Trails E 650 S Rd


    During their residency at PlySpace this August, Beatty and Schofield have installed sustainably themed artworks along the south shore of Prairie Creek Reservoir where the Mid-Indiana Trails (MINT) are located. Visitors to the MINT and Prairie Creek hiking and bicycle trails can see a series of artworks made from natural materials and found objects that investigate human transgressions of natural settings. Signage has been posted along the trails identifying the locations of the pieces. This art installation is a partnership between PlySpace and Mid-Indiana Trails.

    The project is located at Prairie Mountain Bike Trailhead. The parking lot is located along East 650 Service Road (E 650 S Rd) near the intersection with South County Road 544 East (S Co Rd 544 E).

    Beatty and Schofield will host a self-guided walking tour of the sculptures on Saturday, August 22nd, with a short artist talk and Q&A at 2:00 PM. Participants should meet at the trailhead parking lot. Visitors to the sites and trails must wear masks when unable to socially distance. Paper maps and descriptions of the project will be available at the site and online at plyspace.org/MINT. The work can be found at the eastern end of Prairie Creek Loop 1, in the “Maple Grove”.

    PlySpace is an artist-in-residence program of the Muncie Arts and Culture Council which promotes community collaborative projects throughout the city of Muncie. Mid Indiana Trails (MINT) was selected as a partner for this project due to the artists’ desire to work at a site that contemplates human transgressions in a natural setting. David Bradway of MINT writes, “Mid-Indiana Trails is very excited to be able to partner with PlySpace and provide an area for their resident artists to create. Ashley and Jeff have created incredible installations that are expressive while also fitting in well with the natural setting of Prairie Creek Trails.”

    About the Installation

    The permanent sculptural installations include dozens of sculptural trail markers made from forest materials and discarded plastic items found in the woods. These markers have been strategically placed by the side of the pathways like a series of core samples showing sediment layers beneath the forest floor. A series of stepping stones have also been laid across Prairie Park Creek for visitors to explore. They will be made from a similar mix of natural and manmade items to create a group of sculptural objects intruding upon the stream. As such, they embody a physical expression of human transgressions in the landscape.

    In another permanent work, the artists dissected a fallen tree trunk by cutting it into segments that were spread out sequentially where it fell in the woods. This minimalist artwork expresses a singular act of slicing a tree trunk into sections. The installation distills the conversation about deforestation, forest fires, and waste of natural resources to a basic act of aggression.

    Other work produced by the artists will be temporary and will be removed after August 22, 2020. In one work, Mycorrhizal Networks, a group of trees have been tied together with paracord creating an artificial canopy overhead. The installation expresses notions about Forest Mycorrhizal Networks, a root-based form of consciousness linking plants in local ecosystems. Plants communicate through the mycorrhizal network in a similar manner to data traveling through color-coded wires in electronic networks.

    The artists have also wrapped a series of tree trunks with upcycled plastic items, involving an acre-sized grove of trees. The colorful installation represents the bondage of trees as a metaphor for human bodies and expresses the restriction of natural growth cycles. It questions the sustainability of our globalized culture focused on overproduction and mass consumption.

Jul 26, 2020


Jun 28, 2020