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May 3, 2018


  • PlySpace Open Studios 5pm to 8pm @ Madjax Second Floor Artist Studios 514 E Jackson St, Muncie, IN 47305
    Melissa Livermore, video still Nick Witten and Danielle Joy Graves

    The 2018 Spring Term PlySpace Open Studios invite the public to Madjax for Brink of Summer ArtsWalk in Downtown Muncie! Open Studios offer an opportunity to learn more about our current residents and their personal and collaborative residency projects. Ask questions about their artwork, their creative processes, and upcoming events and activities once they leave PlySpace.

    Spring 2018 Residents: Melissa Joy Livermore, Nick Witten, and Danielle Graves

    Melissa Joy Livermore has recently returned to Indiana from extended visits abroad where she was reminded of the importance of creating space for others to express themselves as she tried to hold conversations in China and France, constructing sentences word by word. During her time at PlySpace she has been researching linguistics and looking for connections between language learning and interpersonal communication. She will share video work that documents a computer's attempt to provide thought for thought translation of lines from the Tower of Babel in google translate.

    Nick Witten and Danielle Joy Graves work collaboratively with themes of character appropriation, branding, and other elements from pop culture and entertainment— arranging, distorting, and perversing these elements to create absurd alternate versions of reality. Their time at PlySpace will result in the exhibition of new work at Kime Contemporary in Indianapolis. Their open studio event will preview the collaborative process for this new body of work.

    PlySpace is a program of the Muncie Arts and Culture Council in partnership with the City of Muncie, Ball State University School of Art, and Sustainable Muncie Corporation. PlySpace is generously supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Jul 13, 2018


Jul 14, 2018


Jul 28, 2018


Dec 6, 2018


Jul 2, 2020


  • July's First Thursday 5pm to 8pm @ Madjax 514 E Jackson St
    The Madjax Art Show, July 2, 2nd floor, 5-8pm Missy Camille Adams at the Madjax Art Show Missy Camille Adams at the Madjax Art Show BigSkorp Furio at the Madjax Art Show BigSkorp Furio at the Madjax Art Show Debra Gindhart at the Madjax Art Show Debra Gindhart at the Madjax Art Show Debra Gindhart at the Madjax Art Show Jill Palumbo at the Madjax Art Show Jill Palumbo at the Madjax Art Show Jill Palumbo at the Madjax Art Show Ron Richcreek at the Madjax Art Show Ron Richcreek at the Madjax Art Show Ron Richcreek at the Madjax Art Show Ron Richcreek at the Madjax Art Show Neal Soley at the Madjax Art Show Neal Soley at the Madjax Art Show Neal Soley at the Madjax Art Show Neal Soley at the Madjax Art Show

    The Madjax Art Show!
    The show will be heled on July 2 for July’s First Thursday celebrations from 5-8pm on the 2nd floor (wheelchair accessible) of Madjax Muncie, located at 515 East Main Street. We encourage visitors to be safe, practice social distancing, and wear masks when needed. The following artists will be featured in the show:

    Missy Camille Adams
    A self-taught artist, Missy Camille Adams loves portraiture, and is not tied down to realism. She has been influenced by artists such as Andy Warhol and Chuck Close.
    For Pop Art Presidents, Missy took on the task of painting a red, white, and blue portrait of each United States president. This is a living series, Pop Art Presidents will continue with a new portrait after each election cycle.
    Outside of their time as president, who were these men? What were their families like? What lead them to run for the presidency? These questions Missy asked and researched as the project progressed.  She hopes to open discussion about the lives of those who have held this office. While the subjects were politicians, this is not a political statement as much as it is a visual tour of the men elected to run this country through the history of our nation.

    BigSkorp Furio
    is a local graphic designer and digital gfx. He uses acrylics and aerosolart techniques. The results are powerful and vibrant contemporary wall art. Meet the artist and view his work at Madjax

    SPRAY CAN PAINTER: Local artist and former education director of Motivate Our Minds, DebraGindhart will donate 20% of all proceeds from July First Thursday art sales to Black Lives Matter via donating to Motivate Our Minds.
    Aerosol wall art, Green Glam Studio jewelry and Gindhart Fiber ART will be available during July First Thursday. Meet the artist in her second floor gallery, 5-8pm.

    Jill Palumbo
    is a multimedia artist from Muncie, Indiana. She boldly explores combinations of colors in paint, clay and glass. Her creations reflect her belief in kindness toward people and the enjoyment of nature. The public is invited to attend the First Thursday event using face masks and social distancing. If individuals or small groups wishing to avoid public events would like to come see Jill's artwork, this can be arranged by appointment during the month of July. For further information visit Jill Palumbo’s Art online at https://jillpalumboart.com/ or send a private message to jillpalumbo@comcast.net.

    Ron Richcreek
    is a Yorktown native living in Daleville, Indiana, who has been studying and making functional pottery for the past twelve years.  Along with custom orders, he makes mugs, plates, platters, bowls, beer growlers, compost pots, ikebanas and much more.  He enjoys taking a ball of clay and making functional, original art from it.  Ron hopes that when you eat or drink from a piece of his stoneware, you feel the beauty of something handmade.

    Neal Soley
    is based in Indianapolis, The Tulip Factory is a company created by Neal Soley. This company campaigns Soley’s exploration of self expression throughout the use of different mediums. This collection of works are representative of periods throughout Soley’s expedition. Also featured are select pieces from the Hostess Cupcake series. Please join the artist Thursday, July 2 on the second floor of the Madjax Building. Practice social distancing and kindly wear a mask when needed, and view a collection of paintings on canvas, works on paper, and more.