Events on August 6, 2020

  • August's First Thursday (full listing) 5pm to 8pm @ Downtown Muncie
    Gindhart at Madjax, 2nd floor Gindhart at Madjax, 2nd floor Gindhart at Madjax, 2nd floor The Madjax Art Show 2, 2nd floor galleries at Madjax Donna Glaser-Lindsey at the Madjax Art Show 2 Mark Rosander at the Madjax Art Show 2 Allison Lucy Snoddy at the Madjax Art Show 2 Neal Soley at the Madjax Art Show 2 Debra Gindhart at the Madjax Art Show 2 The Madjax Art Show 2, 2nd floor galleries at Madjax

    Death Factory
    See for more information about this virtual event.

    Gindhart (at Madjax)
    514 E. Jackson St. (2nd floor)
    Local artist Debra Gindhart has recently completed a gallery reset in her second floor gallery at Madjax Muncie. Her focus of art placement is to reveal the recycling and renewing techniques vital to her creative visual message. Art and recycling goes hand-in-hand. Eco-artists are, nowadays, transforming old, recycled and resued objects into amazing pieces of contemporary art. Eco-artists are expressing their emotions and ideas through a wide range of materials found and otherwise. Debra’s personal artist anthem is “I am trying to save the landfills one piece of costume jewelry and one piece of thrift store art at a time.”

    Eco-art which is oftentimes 3 dimensional work using common raw and natural materials to create an object with different messages directed to the viewers and the public audiences, where people can discover cultural movements like social commentary through contemporary art. 

    Debra believes in order to make attractive pieces of contemporary art and literally turn around the world, eco-artists are turning recyclables into creative pieces of art and thereby contributing to the Green Movement taking place in different spheres of life. Artists are finding innovative ways to show their concern for the environment and thus encouraging the masses to reuse, reduce and recycle for a better future.

    Meet the artist during August’s First Thursday from 5-8pm, 2nd floor galleries at Madjax.

    Gordy Fine Art & Framing Co.
    224 E. Main

    Gordy Fine Art & Framing will be open from 5-8 for August’s First Thursday. We will be showcasing the remaining Jim Faulkner paintings available for sale. We look forward to visiting with people but will not be offering food or wine.

    Madjax Muncie
    515 E. Main St.
    Madjax Art Show 2!
    Come see the participatory artists and makers exhibits in the Madjax Art Show 2. The artist lineup for August’s First Thursday is: Neal Soley, Donna Glaser-Lindsey, Mark Rosander, Tom Stader, Allison Lucy Snoddy, and Debra Gindhart.

    Visit them at the 2nd floor galleries at Madjax from 5-8pm. Social distancing measures will be in place and hand sanitizer will be available and masks/facial coverings are recommended.

    Further information on the Madjax artists:

    -Debra Gindhart: see above for her full listing

    -Neal Soley: Based in Indianapolis, The Tulip Factory is a company created by Neal Soley. This company campaigns Soley’s exploration of self expression throughout the use of different mediums. This collection of works are representative of periods throughout Soley’s expedition. Also featured, are select pieces from Soley’s Histess Cupcake series. Please join the artist Thursday, August 6 on the second floor of The Madjax Building. Practice social distancing and kindly wear a mask when needed, and view paintings on canvas, works on paper, and more.

    Donna Lindsey:
    Donna Lindsey of Faith Works Art is a mixed media artist who took a leap of faith 3 years ago to pick up a paint brush. She is inspired by life to create happiness for not only herself but for others.

    Allison Snoddy:
    Liberally Loopy is a local fiber art shop by crocheter Allison Snoddy. Specializing in creating giftables, customs, and one of a kind creatures, Allison draws inspiration the adorable, the grotesque, and how and why things are classified as such. Monsters can be friendly, bugs can be cuddly, and anything can be in the loopy world she creates. She also enjoys creating pop culture inspired pieces which emphasize diversity and invite everyone to play!

  • Death Factory: The Best of Death Factory 7pm to 8pm @ Virtual Event
    Astrid Carter and Jo Rohlfing for Death Factory Karl Erickson for Death Factory

    Death Factory: The Best of Death Factory: A live stream of short videos by: Astrid Carter and Jo Rohlfing, Juan Jose Castano Marquez, Mary Arnett Delany, Karl Erickson, Sasan Kayyod, Nick May, Grif Williams. A combination of old and new work by artists and filmmakers who have previously screened work with Death Factory. In addition, Karl Erickson will be featured as our first artist to present a short workshop/demo in conjunction with his screening as part of Death Factory University.

    The screening will happen at 7-8 PM Thursday August 6, at Twitch TV and Vimeo: for more info as things develop follow us on Instagram @ deathfactory. rip, or check out our website,!