Yoga and Sound: Restore and Heal

When Sunday, October 7, 2018
10:00am to 12:00pm
Where Lotus Yoga Studio
814 W White River Blvd Muncie, IN 47303
What General Events - drum circle, meditation, singing, yoga
Cost $30/$25 prior to Sept 23rd

Join guest instructor, Lisa Daugherty, for this special restorative yoga and sound healing session. Enter into sacred space and deep relaxation with this unique opportunity to experience powerful restoration through yoga postures designed to enhance our body’s ability to relax into a quiet stillness. In addition, the experience will be enhanced through the use of healing sounds, tones and rhythms. Quartz crystal singing bowls, drums, the voice, rattles and bells will be played and utilized throughout the workshop to add an element of mysticism, ceremony and profound relaxation and connection. About the Instructor:  Lisa has been teaching yoga throughout central Indiana for more than 15 years. She has taught thousands of people, gently encouraging them to honor and respect their bodies, minds and spirits, through mindful awareness, conscious movements and steady breathing. Throughout her life, music has played a vital role in helping her express her creativity. She sings and brings instruments to play in all her yoga classes. In addition, she teaches partner yoga with her yogi husband and is the mother of four daughters.

$30/$25 prior to Sept. 23rd. Pre-registration is required