This free monthly event for live poetry reading at The Cup will pair flow with joe, rhythm and brews, beats and beans, and result in many a steamed stanza. I'm Miss Moth and I’ll be your Host and I have only one rule for Cuplets: Buy something from The Cup, each and every one of you, no exceptions. :) They've got espresso, coffee, chai, tea, soda, juice, and yummy food too, from bagels to sandwiches and more. That's right, support your scene with a few bucks to the venue. Don't worry about tipping me, but I'm sure the baristas would appreciate the support too. Let's keep them busy!


Cuplets is not curated, everyone is welcome to read. I know y'all are nice and will match the length of your reading to the attendance level so everyone has a chance to read. Read new work or old, rhyme or don't. If it's poetry to you, it's poetry at Cuplets!

Many thanks to the owner of The Cup, Martin George, for inviting me to create this monthly event! And a big ol' thank you to Lucian Cruor for the poetry/café word pairings above! :)