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Jun 6, 2013


  • First Thursday 5pm to 8pm @ Downtown
    The Artist Within: Drawing by Jerry Hannah The Artist Within: Painting by Jerry Hannah Gordy's: Time to Think (Jessica Summers) Gordy's: Bracelet (Jan McCune) Gordy's: What Once Was (Autumn Bussen) Rose Court: Painting by Melissa Cummings Rose Court: Painting by Melissa Cummings

    The Artist Within
    313 S Walnut

    Local resident and recent Ball State graduate Jerry Hannah will exhibit paintings and drawings in a one man show. Hannah had his Senior Thesis Show "Search for Life" at the gallery in July of 2012. An opening reception will be held during First Thursday from 5-8pm. The opening is free and open to the public and will provide those attending the opportunity to meet and visit with the artist.

    When asked about his upcoming exhibit, Mr. Hannah explained, "When putting together a show many considerations come to mind and this show takes a step back from what is considered traditional and focus on the art itself instead of how the entire body of work fits together. The art shown varies with aspects of landscape, portraiture and abstract expressionism.  Some of this work has been exhibited here before and other pieces have never been publicly displayed. Some of this work is older and one painting has just been recently completed.  Some of this work is based on my love of astronomy and others are reflections of social issues.  Instead of being about tradition, this show is all about the art."

    Gordy Fine Art & Framing Co.
    224 E Main

    Jessica Summers remembers her mother painting domestic scenes of their rural Muncie home, often depicted at night, which had “an unusual sense of tension created by dramatic lighting.” Fast-forward to 2013, and the daughter has become the painter of dramatic domestic scenes while the mother has moved from the living room into her personal jewelry studio. Similarities abound: Jan McCune was a high school art teacher. Jessica was a high school art teacher before returning to get her MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in painting. McCune holds a BFA/MA in painting. Mother and daughter feel they have a lot in common as artists, despite the differences in media and approach. “I have inherited her love for the mark of the artist, surface and texture…I seem to keep unconsciously using similar lighting and subject matter,” Summers notes. “Her paintings were also very colorful and painted quite thick – similar to mine.” 

    McCune has been named an “Indiana Artisan,” for her personal designs in pendants. This year she ventured into creating bracelets after receiving an Indiana Arts Commission grant. The grant allowed McCune to purchase needed tools and supplies, and she set out to fabricate 15 cuff or link bracelets. First, working primarily in copper, and then switching to silver, McCune had to learn blacksmithing skills that weren’t required of flat pendants. Heated to make it more malleable, the metal is then quenched in water and hammered into shape over a mandrel. Consumed with a new art form, McCune kept working. The goal of fifteen became sixty, many of which will be on display in the downtown gallery.

    The two artists will exhibit together, for the first time, at Gordy Fine Art and Framing for the month of June.  An opening reception will be held on Thursday, June 6, 2013, from 5 to 8 PM. Each will each speak about their art; McCune at 6 PM and Summers at 6:15.

    Referring to their many similarities as artists, Summers concludes, “Just like my mom talks about her love for design, I am finding that it is the construction of the image that interests me more than anything. None of this is necessarily intentional. It just keeps happening.” She concludes, “It’s in my blood.”

    The Nook Gallery at Gordy’s will feature painter Autumn Bussen for June. She is a recent graduate of Ball State University with a degree in Painting and Drawing and the recipient of the annual Small Exhibit award given by Gordy Fine Art & Framing each year at the BSU Student Show.

    Gordy Fine Art & Framing Co. is located at 224 E. Main Street, next door to Muncie Civic Theatre.  For more information, call 765-284-8422 or visit 

    Rose Court
    125 E Charles

    Rose Court is pleased to present the work of Melissa Cummings for the Month of June.

    Melissa Cummings began as a self-taught artist.  At the age of 16, she was painting commissioned murals and many local signs in her home town of Farmland, Indiana.  She has been the recipient of several honors including winning two scholastic art awards from the State of Indiana. 

    These earlier experiences using oil based mediums led her into art studies at Ball State University.  “People have been my most inspiring subject matter.  The eyes are my greatest emphasis when I am working on a portrait painting.”  Melissa enjoys art as a personal therapy.  She was busy with other life demands for more than a decade and is re-emerging with a new love for surrealistic abstracts in oil.  “This change in genre is allowing me to make creations based from my own emotions.  It is raw energy.”  Melissa Cummings is eclectic in her work.  She enjoys using a variety of mediums and styles.  Her portrait work still captures the most accolades from viewers.  Please enjoy her artwork created with charcoal, lithograph, oil, colored pencil, ink and graphite starting June 6th First Thursday at Rose Court.

Jul 3, 2013


  • First Wednesday 5pm to 8pm @ Downtown
    The Artist Within: Painting by Joe Flynn The Artist Within: Painting by Joe Flynn The Artist Within: Painting by Joe Flynn Fickle Peach: Portrait by Brandon Beeson Gordy's: Bronze sculpture by Cheryl Anne Lorance Gordy's: Cheryl Anne Lorance pouring bronze for a sculpture

    Note: Gallery openings will take place on Wednesday, July 3rd to make room for the Fourth of July celebrations the next day.

    The Artist Within
    313 S Walnut
    The featured artist for July at the Artist Within will be Joe Flynn. Joe features several new paintings in his always-popular style of grouped canvases as well as single pieces.  The title of his show is “Love is all you need” and is expressed throughout the work on display through July 29th. We hope you will make plans to attend, meet the artist, listen to live music by the Michael Martin Band, and enjoy light refreshments.


    The Fickle Peach
    117 E Charles
    Brandon Beeson will be painting portraits on a "pay-what-you-feel scale" at The Fickle Peach. Brandon is a local artist studying painting at Ball State and uses watercolor and ink.


    Gallery 308
    308 E Main
    Gallery 308 opens its 9th Annual Members’ Exhibition with a free reception from

    5 to 8pm on Wednesday, July 3. The exhibit features more than 50 works in various mediums including paintings, drawings, fiber art, ceramics, sculpture, and photography. In its nine-year history, approximately 25-30 artists participate in the annual exhibition.

    The members show is one of Gallery 308’s most popular exhibits and is mounted every summer, showcasing the artistic talents of the gallery’s patrons and this year to support the gallery’s Public Art Initiative.  This year all exhibition fees and donations from works sold will help fund the artist fees and costs of installation for the public art sculpture to be given to the City of Muncie.

    The all-original artwork by current Gallery members will be on display through July 26. The gallery is open Friday from 3-7pm and Saturdays   from 12:30 – 5:00pm.  Admission is free. 

    Gallery 308, which provides space for local and regional artists with monthly "First Thursday" exhibits, is in its 13th year as a nonprofit art gallery. For more information about the Members' Exhibition opening, contact

    Located at 308 East Main Street, Gallery 308 is a 501(c)(3) community art gallery which exists to provide exhibition space for artists, encourage innovative work and serve the community as a cultural and educational resource. Contributions to Gallery 308 are tax-deductible. To inquire about gallery hours, volunteer and donor opportunities, call 765-289-8575, or visit for information about upcoming exhibits.


    Gordy Fine Art & Framing Co.
    224 E Main
    "Negotiating the Curve" – The art of Cheryl Anne Lorance

    Voluptuous bronze and glass sculptures and fantastical egg tempera paintings will be the featured exhibit for the month of July at Gordy Fine Art and Framing Co. in downtown Muncie. on the first Wednesday of the month, July 3rd. "The downtown galleries agreed to leave the 4th of July to its traditional use as the celebration of our country’s birth, and we would celebrate our new exhibits opening the night prior," offered Braydee Euliss , gallery director at GFAF. "We want to encourage attendance, and believe Wednesday, the 3rd, will be more conducive to that."

    Exhibitor Cheryl Anne Lorance is a Ball State University graduate who just moved back to her home state after living in Santa Fe for 16 years. Her precise egg tempera paintings contain fantastical elements with a sense of mystery. The artist admits to a strong influence by Magical Realism and the new Objectivity, which seats magical elements in a mundane or normal setting. Lorance packs a powerful exhibition with her biomorphic, undulating sculptures that bulge and twist beneath delightful patinas.  Some hang from cables, adding an element of oppression. Beautiful, and yet unidentifiable, Lorance brings playfulness to the work, causing viewers to ask, "What is it? A flower? A bug, or a baby?"

    The active Lorance is currently part of a public art project in Indianapolis called, "Go Ahead and Play," sponsored by Women’s Funds of Indiana. This event will feature twenty pianos that have been transformed by local artists and displayed in public places in Indianapolis throughout August. Lorance has also been invited to begin teaching at the Indianapolis Art Center this summer.

    The reception hours are 5 to 8 PM. The award-winning artist will speak about her work, and answer questions at 6 PM. The public is invited to attend.

    Gordy Fine Art & Framing Co. is located at 224 E. Main Street, next door to Muncie Civic Theatre.  For more information, call 765-284-8422 or visit

Sep 5, 2013


  • First Thursday 5pm to 8pm @ Downtown Walnut Street
    Work by Zorn Crowder - 111 Arts Gallery "Dogwood" by Cindy Turner - The Artist Within "Cabbage" by Cindy Turner - The Artist Within Work by Sherry Powell - Gallery 308 "Vegetable Basket on Blue" by Genny Gordy - Gordy Fine Art & Framing "I Heard Color Raining" by Suzanne Lambert - Gordy Fine Art & Framing "Naranja I& II" by Suzanne Lambert - Gordy Fine Art & Framing "King Balloon Ascent" by Barbara La Rue - Munseetown Square Lobby Work by Bette Graham - Munseetown Square Lobby "Old Alender Homestead, Grandma Barnes Road" by David Dale - Munseetown Square Lobby "Sand Bar" by Eric Ernstberger - Munseetown Square Lobby "Natchez, Under the Hill" by Jim Faulkner - Munseetown Square Lobby "River Bend" by Brian Gordy - Munseetown Square Lobby Work by Tony Costello - Rose Court Work by Tony Costello - Rose Court "NELMA" by Braydee Euliss - Savage's Ale House

    111 Arts Gallery
    111 E Main
    Zorn Crowder skater local celebrity outsider artist presents series of drawing on cardboard found object ink marker pen paint bring money n skateboards n beer, located next to mark 3 areas favorite gay bar we love you.


    The Artist Within
    313 S Walnut
    Botanically and Naturally Inclined – The work of Cindy Norrick Turner
    Cindy Norrick Turner’s style of painting is very colorful and very bold and this is apparent to even the most casual observer. Cindy is a native of Delaware County and a graduate of BSU with a degree in graphic design. Since her first class taken from local watercolorist Brian Gordy, Turner has exhibited regularly throughout central Indiana in her own shows as well as in juried competitions.  She continues to take additional classes and workshops in watercolor techniques and has admirers throughout the world due to her exposure on Facebook and Flickr. Topics for her paintings change often from the botanicals offered in this show to the architectural paintings at her next show in October 2013 at The Rose Court.  Turner does commissioned work as well as of those of her own choosing.  Contact Turner at, through her Facebook page, or through her Flickr account to see more of her paintings or for more information.  She is also currently signing up students for her fall “Basic Watercolor” class that will be taught at The Artist Within.

    Students for Responsible Consumerism – In the Upper Level Gallery
    The Upper Level Gallery will display work submitted to the Ball State organization Students for Responsible Consumerism and the work will remain on exhibit  through September 20th. Artwork from this show will then be part of the “Living Lightly Fair” held at Minnetrista on Saturday, September 21, 2013.  Artwork in this exhibit must be created from reused materials or with a sustainable theme.


    Canan Commons
    500 S Walnut
    Dance, Dance, Dance
    Join America’s Hometown Band at 7pm on First Thursday as they perform some of our best-loved dance tunes and perennial favorites. This concert is sponsored by Indiana Public Radio.


    Gallery 308
    308 E Main
    Borderline 2013: Board Members Past and Present

    Sherry was a charter board member of Mitchell Place and also serves as the treasurer of Gallery 308 and is a talented photographer.


    Gordy Fine Art & Framing Co.
    224 E Main
    Color Ocean/Color Land –
    The work of Suzanne Lambert
    "I live in a sea of color, the waves roll in and thru and all around." - Suzanne Lambert.

    Guests to the upcoming First Thursday art opening at Gordy Fine Art and Framing are in for an eye-satisfying festival of color. Suzanne Lambert is well-known for mixed media canvases with stunning arrangements of poured, dripped and sprayed paints. The former dancer seems to transfer dance movements into her work; colors flow and are embellished with staccato beats, swirls and arabesques. Titles give hints to the artist’s meaning, or the place of inspiration. That could be the Ohio River Valley or the French countryside; Lambert splits her residence/studio between two continents. “My intention is to visually convey, through color, tone and composition, the feeling and essence of places I live and visit, the people I experience.” She continues, “Energy of life moves me; I wish to bring this feeling to the viewer, to touch them and, perhaps, to lift the soul…” Lambert will fill the main gallery with new works, and will speak about her work during the opening reception on First Thursday at 6:15 PM. Reception hours are 5 to 8 PM.

    iGarden – The work of Genny Gordy
    "I work in a garden of colors. My eyes dart from flower to fruit to bug, but my images are always about the intense saturation of color I find, especially the infrequent blue." - Genny Gordy.

    Genny Gordy will hang an exhibit of photos and watercolors in the Nook gallery during the month of September. Titled “iGarden”, the show exposes the acre of land in town that Gordy and husband, Brian, somewhat wildly maintain and that Genny’s iPhone camera readily captures. Fruit trees and grape vines share space with raised bed and traditional vegetable gardens. Flowers and herbs fill every view. Artworks dot the landscape – a Kim Anderson bird bath, Matt Lynch sculpture, an Amish fertility sign, painted by a friend.  A cabin, possibly 80 years old, serves as Genny’s garden shed. A blue desk in the shade is used as a garden bench and is the background for many photos. One hundred year-old trees edge the plot, and a dry stream bed runs through, serving only during heavy rains. A small bridge connects upper and lower yards where wildlife - from deer to heron to flying squirrel - has visited through the years. “It is where I reconnect with the ground beneath my feet and work out thoughts and muscles,” offers Genny. “Every day, I step out my back door into the wonder of the gardens and return renewed. These images are my attempt to share that colorful magic with others.”  Gordy will speak about her work at 6:30 PM on First Thursday.

    Both exhibits will remain on display through September 30, 2013, and may be viewed during normal business hours: Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5:30 PM, Saturdays, 9 to 3, or by appointment.

    Gordy Fine Art & Framing Co. is located at 224 E. Main Street, next door to Muncie Civic Theatre.  For more information, call 765-284-8422 or visit


    The Living Room
    130 W Jackson
    The Living Room will have art on display during First Thursday.


    Muncie Ballet
    118 S Walnut
    Muncie Ballet will have demonstrations, door prizes, mini lessons, and snacks during registration and open house on First Thursday.  Shop the ballet boutique or register for dance. Tuition assistance is available.


    Munseetown Square Lobby
    400 S Walnut
    Artwork of Munseetown Square
    The offices of DeFur Voran and Raymond James  are partnering to transform the lobby of Munseetown Square into a gallery, featuring the works of local artists David Dale, Brian Gordy, Jim Faulkner, Eric Ernstberger, and many others.

    Bette Graham
    Muncie native Bette Graham is known for her landscapes and popular images of cats.  For over sixty years, she has been active in the local arts community. Proficient in several art media, Graham's primary focus throughout her lengthy career has been printmaking--both wood block and linoleum.

    Jim Faulkner
    Faulkner taught and practiced contemporary abstract art while teaching at Ball State for thirteen years. Near the end of his college teaching in 1977, Faulkner returned to his background of realistic watercolor and sculpture.  There, he found a search for the essence of what he believes and feels to be truth.  He paints full time at the country homestead he shares with his wife, Eleanor, and various cats and dogs.  His studio is a restored barn.  He has received numerous awards throughout his painting career and is one of the most collected and well-known artists of east-central Indiana.

    Brian Gordy
    Brian Gordy taught art in the public schools, the university level and privately for over 20 years.  He exhibits throughout the United States and has earned numerous awards for his watercolors and charcoal drawings. Mr. Gordy, with his wife Genny and son Ben, own and operate Gordy Fine Art & Framing Company.

    Barbara LaRue King
    After graduating from Ball State with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, LaRue King worked as a graphic designer at Indiana Glass Company where she rejuvenated the company’s packaging and marketing.  Her own line of design-on-glassware was distributed nationally through department store chains. Working at Hallmark’s Ensemble Company division, she designed product lines for Franklin Covey, the United States Post Office, and other high-profile Ensemble clients.  Most recently, she has been employed at Hallmark’s Kansas City headquarters designing album and giftwrap lines in Hallmark’s Gifts Studio. 

    Eric Ernstberger
    Eric Ernstberger, a Muncie resident, is a native to extreme southern Indiana’s un-glaciated landscape which stands in bold contrast to the flat un-forested terrain of the state’s better known midsection.  His love for painting, drawing and the arts was influenced by the physical attributes of this unique landscape and further evolved by the profession he has chosen to pursue for the last three decades. Ernstberger is a registered site architect and founding partner of Rundell Ernstberger Associates, the region’s largest urban design and site architectural firm with offices in Muncie, Indianapolis, and Louisville.  His vivid expressionistic paintings in acrylic on paper are spontaneous, free flowing images of landscapes, objects, people, and events, offering intense abstraction or new perspectives on familiar subjects.

    David Dale
    Artist and designer David Dale was born in Muncie in 1940.  He attended the Fort Wayne Art School and Museum on scholarship where he studied figure drawing, portraiture and landscape painting.  The founder of David Dale Designs, Dale also taught by invitation, Complex Interiors and Professional Practices in the School of Fine Art at Ball State. Dale paints landscapes in pastel and oil, both outdoors and in his studio.  He also designs and handcrafts signature picture frames to complement his paintings.  His paintings hang in corporate, museum, private and public collections.


    Rose Court
    125 E Charles
    Rose Court is pleased to feature the art work of Muncie's noted architect Anthony J. "Tony" Costello, FAIA.  You may have heard or read about Tony regarding his work in architecture or his mission trips to Haiti, but you may not know that he is also an award winning artist.

    Tony has always done sketching as part of his architectural practice but in 2010 decided to submit sketches to Architectural Record's Napkin Sketch competition and continued to submit his sketches each year after.  He won Runner-Up/Professional Award in 2011 and 2012. He is the only person to win awards in two of the three contests held since 2010.  The impetus for this contest is that architects have historically sketched ideas on napkins while having a few drinks with clients or colleagues.  Napkin sketching involves using a 5" x 5"plain white cocktail napkin and sketching on it with a pen.

    This will be Tony's first public exhibit of his napkin sketches. Sketches and watercolors from his travels, including Italy, England, Istanbul, Haiti, New York City, and Boston, will be featured.  Napkin sketches and sketchbook sketches will be available for sale.


    Savage's Ale House
    127 N High
    The Work of Braydee Euliss

    Euliss will exhibit encaustic (hot wax) paintings as well as a series of necklaces. Gallery Manager at Gordy Fine Art & Framing and a Ball State graduate, Euliss holds a BFA in Sculpture. Her vast 3-D background, coupled with an innate preoccupation with repurposing, informs her continued use of non-traditional and found media.

Oct 3, 2013


Sep 4, 2014


  • First Thursday 5pm to 8pm @ Downtown
    Ages: 21+ at the Heorot
    Art by Debra Grindhart Dragoo at The Artist Within Art by Debra Grindhart Dragoo at The Artist Within Art by Mary Ann Rahe at Gallery 308 Art by Mary Ann Rahe at Gallery 308 Art by Carol Blakney at Gallery 308 Art by Carol Blakney at Gallery 308 Art by Alan Patrick at Gordy Fine Art & Framing Art by Alan Patrick at Gordy Fine Art & Framing Art by Alan Patrick at Gordy Fine Art & Framing Art by Alan Patrick at Gordy Fine Art & Framing Photography by Andrew Wit on display at Muncie Makes Lab Photography by Andrew Wit on display at Muncie Makes Lab Photography by Andrew Wit on display at Muncie Makes Lab Photography by Andrew Wit on display at Muncie Makes Lab Photography by Andrew Wit on display at Muncie Makes Lab Art by Cynthia McHone at Rose Court

    111 Arts Gallery
    111 E Main

    Craig Mathis bsu grad lucky rabbit tattoo artist painting in acrylic in found boards various folk art themes incorporating comic like feel outside of the tattoo art spectrum ,, this is Craig's first solo show he's tattooed in Muncie over 10 years at the lucky rabbit tattoo studio


    The Artist Within
    313 S Walnut
    Aerosol and Old Lace – Series Seven

    The Artist Within will feature new art by local visual artist, poet, and artivist Deborah Gindhart Dragoo. Layers of vibrant colours, textures, and vintage plastic lace motifs create this new stunning series of canvas brilliance. There will be also be PINK earrings designed specifically for The Little Red Door of Delaware County / ECI. After reading the courageous cancer journey of Muncie's own Sonya Paul, the artist chooses to share her art gifts. These special earrings will be on sale for $10 per pair with all proceeds to benefit The Little Red Door for their breast cancer awareness programs.

    A "Meet the Artist" opening reception with light refreshments will be held Thursday September 4th from 5-8pm; ALSO, there shall be CAKE! Celebrate "62" with the artist...YUM!


    Cornerstone Center for The Arts
    520 E Main

    5pm to 9pm: Electronic Arts Showcase in Great Room of Cornerstone (second floor). Kinect, Oculus Rift, and LED lighting on display.

    6pm: Live performance by Lavonte Pugh (ala Bit_Slayer) and  featuring LED hula-hooping by Cassie Gabriel and Ashley Downing.


    Gallery 308
    308 E Main
    Conversations About Nature Through Art and Poetry

    A two-woman exhibit featuring artists Carol Blakney and Mary Ann Rahe opens First Thursday at Gallery 308 on September 4.  “CONVERSATIONS ABOUT NATURE through art and poetry” features prints by Carol Blakney, ceramics by Mary Ann Rahe and poetry by Mike Brockley, Karen Hiday, and Jeffery Owen Pearson. The opening reception for the new exhibit will be held from 5 to 8pm on First Thursday.

    Blakney explains the exhibit, “It’s a collection of the observations, inspirations, and memories of local artists in a collaborative exhibit of prints, ceramics, and poetry, inspired by our local wildlife and environment.“ Blakney stated she is interested in individuality, intelligence, and metaphor in nature.  She created a series of Abobe Artistic Filter prints of the wide variety of creatures she has discovered in her Muncie garden.

    Mary Ann Rahe uses ceramic forms and surfaces to explore themes of nature. She added, “For me, art inspired by nature engages the observer in both formal issues of design and imaginative interpretation. In addition, invited poets will contribute verse related to themes of nature. “

    According to the two artists, “NATURE” is full of powerful and often contradictory meanings.  We recognize the sounds and landscapes and familiar creatures of our local environment as part of what “home” is.  The more welcoming we are of nature in all its forms, the more creative and healthy our home will be.  A place where in parks and gardens and wild places we can still learn about form and color, life and death, and how we are in the universe”

    A Muncie native, Rahe attended St. Louis University and earned B.A. and M.A. degrees in ceramics from Ball State University.  During the nineteen-eighties, she was resident potter at Sinclair Shops, Hartford City, Indiana.  She taught ceramics at Yorktown High School during most of the nineties and has taught for the Art Department and School of Extended Education at BSU for fourteen years.

    Blakney received her BFA in Fine Arts and Art Education from the University of Massachusetts in 1982.  She taught art and reading in a public school resource room until she was hired as the first project manager for the Oxford Guide to Classical Subject in the Arts, published in 1993.  She has traveled extensively to photograph and illustrate the landscapes and wildlife of Turkey, England, Ireland, Mexico and the eastern United States.  The daughter of missionaries, she was born into civil unrest that toppled the apartheid government of Rhodesia.  She has remained engaged in social and environmental activism in the United States.

    Gallery 308, which provides space for local and regional artists with monthly “First Thursday” exhibits, is in its 14th year as a nonprofit art gallery.  For more information about the Gallery 308 ArtsWalk exhibit opening, contact The gallery is open Fridays from 3-7pm and Saturdays from 12:30 – 5:00pm.  Admission is free. The show continues through September 26.


    Gordy Fine Art & Framing Co.
    224 E Main
    Here and There:  Recent Paintings by Alan Patrick

    When Alan Patrick needs to look for new subject matter for his oil paintings, he doesn’t travel far. He and wife, Cindy, live the artist’s life on their small farm just outside Albany, IN. Well-tended gardens, a fish pond,  greenhouse and separate studio provide just about everything an artist could hope for, in the way of subject matter. Often, the award-winning Patrick paints flowers and still life scenes in the comfort of his studio. But sometimes, he just has to get out and tromp around in the woods to find his next inspiration. Nearby streams and a river provide both compelling scenes and a strong reflective light that bounces off tree trunks and leaves. Many artists paint beautiful stream scenes. What sets Patrick’s paintings apart has to be his technique of layers and layers of translucent colors that give a depth and brilliance even cameras can’t convey.

    “I am interested in common-place subjects. If they are important, it is because of the formal elements such as line, shape and color. I do hope that they strike a chord with people, but the meaning is in the drawing and brushwork rather than the subject matter,” the prolific painter offers. He continues, “I can pass by a place a hundred times and that place is just ordinary. Then, one day, it’s magic. It has color, form, light and drama. It has suddenly become a wonderful place to look at. I know there is a painting there.”

    He continues, “I photograph places and then return to my studio and think about the subject. What feeling does it evoke? What forms and colors work in the composition? I usually do compositional studies in charcoal first, working out the structure of line and value. Then I think about color. I spend a lot of time on a painting before I ever touch a brush.”

    The public is invited to view the exhibit during the First Thursday’s Arts Walk on September 4, 2014 from 5 to 8 PM. The artist will give a short talk and answer questions about his work beginning at 6:15 PM. Light refreshments will be served. Gordy Fine Art & Framing is located downtown at 224 East Main Street, next door to Muncie Civic Theatre. For more information, visit, or the Gordy Fine Art & Framing page on Facebook.


    Heorot Pub & Draught House (21+)
    219 S Walnut

    Janelle Summers will be the featured artist at Heorot this month. Summers focuses on drawing as an exploration of form, the figure, and at times the grotesque.


    Muncie Makes Lab
    628 S Walnut

    Graduate students from Ball State University’s College of Architecture and Planning, along with architecture professors Gernot Riether and Andrew Wit, designed and built an innovative pavilion during their summer coursework.  Conceived of as a “traveling pavilion for the city,” the pavilion’s initial rendition and location served as a test of concept, structural ideas and durability.  This open house exhibition shows the design process (research into computational design and fabrication methods, drawings, models, detail studies), and end result (photographs and component pieces).  Students will also be present to demonstrate the fabrication of tensegrity units.  The pavilion is currently located on the outskirts of Muncie, Indiana, standing in stark contrast to lush natural surroundings. Perched between a lake and a forest, the stretched lycra tensegrity structure appears to float as it lightly grazes the earth.


    Mutual Bank Marble Wall
    110 E Charles
    Afterhours Art Reels – Hedwig and the Angry Inch

    Muncie Downtown Development will host outdoor “Afterhours Art Reels” following the First Thursday Gallery Walks, June-September.  Films will be projected onto the Mutual Bank wall on Charles St. at dusk.  Seating will be available on the Fickle Peach patio located at 117 E. Charles St. for guests 21 and up.


    Rose Court
    125 E Charles
    Doodles, Down Time Patterns

    Rose Court is pleased to host artist Cynthia McHone and her exhibit entitled:  'Doodles, Down Time Patterns'  for September's First Thursday.   Cynthia's primary medium is pen and ink. Here is what Cynthia has to say about her work:

    "When I moved from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Muncie, Indiana I knew that life would bring me new opportunities. I had no idea that in my leisure/down time I would find relaxation and enjoyment through random doodling. Albuquerque averages 310 days of sunshine a year and since Muncie's weather patterns are quite different I found myself appreciating indoor activities a great deal more. One day, while watching the evening news I picked up a sketch book and a few color pens and began to draw.

    "The dictionary describes a doodle as a simple drawing that is unconsciously created while a person’s attention is otherwise occupied. Often done to relieve boredom, I found that these repetitive patterns were relaxing and somewhat addictive.

    "This exhibit celebrates the rhythms, geometries, textures, and abstract landscapes created under the influences/echoes of Gustav Klimt, William Morris, Owen Jones, and appliqué quilting. I hope you enjoy these little works of art to find that these abstract harmonies lessen the stresses of your day as they have done for me. "

Oct 2, 2014


  • First Thursday (ArtsWalk 2014) 5pm to 8pm @ Downtown
    Art by Bette Graham on display at The Artist Within Art by Bette Graham on display at The Artist Within The Culmination of Amy by Lynette Whitesell, on display at Gordy Fine Art & Framing Co. Lynette Whitesell, featured artist at Gordy Fine Art & Framing Co. Muncie Open Screen at Muncie Civic Theatre CAP Americano Sur 2014 on display at Muncie Makes Lab CAP Americano Sur 2014 on display at Muncie Makes Lab Nodding Rattlesnake Weed by artist Judy Wand, on display at Muncie Makes Lab

    111 Arts Gallery
    111 E Main

    “Collab show of local artist all art for sale cash or trade”


    The Artist Within
    313 S Walnut
    A Retrospective Look at a Muncie Legend, the Artwork of Bette Graham

    In addition to the easily recognized block prints, work in water color and pen and ink will be on display in a salon style format "like it, buy it, take it".  We will welcome back the BSU Ceramics Department and students with our potters wheels and throwing demonstration in the Old National Trust/YART parking lot. "Meat Tray Prints" is an activity for children and will be in the YART activities area. For many years, Bette Graham introduced Girl Scouts and young children to printmaking through this technique at Camp Munsee.  BSU Art Education majors will help continue this at the printmaking booth.  This will be a free activity.


    Gallery 308
    308 E Main
    Such a Good Sport

    An exhibit featuring award-winning photographer Pamela de Marris opens at Gallery 308 on October 2.  “Such a ‘Good Sport” is a collection of fine art photography of the artist’s shared life experiences with her husband James Meadows spanning thirty years. The opening reception for the new exhibit will be held from 5 to 8 p.m. The public is welcome.

    De Marris explains her exhibit, “The pieces hanging on these walls describe his influence on my life, which has been more than any other person I have known. These images visually describe my changing interpretations and emotional views of the different periods we have gone through with our children and each other.   Depicting Jim during the early years was basically documentation.  As our relationship and children grew, I began to express feelings toward him abstractly.  The most recent photographs of Jim are a combination of reality and personal concerns.    Images were selected from past series, providing a chronological portrayal of interactions with family and friends.”                                                                   

    De Marris began taking photos when she was nine years old. She won a Brownie camera by signing up 12 new subscribers along her paper route in rural Michigan for the Niles Daily Star. "I didn't have the greatest childhood, so I used the camera to document the things I was questioning--my siblings, my parents, whatever," she says. "It allowed me to control the moment I captured." 

    Like 19th-century photographers, De Marris favors long exposure times. Her lighting is simple, her images lushly saturated. The colors look more like they came from an oil palette than photographic dyes. De Marris makes life-size prints, laminates them with an ultraviolet protector, and frames them herself with elegant black molding.

    De Marris stated, “The importance of this exhibition lies in the fact that Jim has allowed himself to be transferred outside his around the clock physician’s duties into a personal pictorial diary about his life.  This body of work shares my intense feelings regarding him, which range from happiness to anguish.  The various environments, lighting styles and costumes employed to capture Jim on film reflect my concerns regarding our relationship.”

    According to the photographer, while computer generated images are commonplace today, these pieces have been printed from unaltered negatives.  The only slight exception is that, in some images, original negatives were spliced together.  The photographs honestly represent James Meadows.

    De Marris earned her Master of Fine Arts in Photography from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL.  She also did graduate work in photography, video, film and digital at the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI. Her work has been exhibited in the United States and abroad including New York, Chicago, Boston, France, Belgium, and Italy   winning numerous awards and recognitions. De Marris was a faculty member at Ball State University in the Fine Art Department from 1991-2011. She has also served as a visiting artist at the Universidad de Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia and at the American Museum, Giverny, France. 

    Gallery 308, which provides space for local and regional artists with monthly “First Thursday” exhibits, is in its 14th year as a nonprofit art gallery.  For more information about the Gallery 308 ArtsWalk exhibit opening, contact The gallery is open Fridays from 3-7pm and Saturdays from 12:30 – 5:00pm.  Admission is free. The show continues through October 24.


    Gordy Fine Art & Framing Co.
    224 E Main
    Scabrous Sciaphobia

    Something frightening is brewing in the gallery at Gordy Fine Art & Framing. An exhibit titled, “Scabrous Sciaphobia,” will hang for the month of October and it may just give some patrons the shivers. “Scabrous,” can mean, “having a rough surface,” or, “full of difficulties.” “Sciaphobia” is a fear of shadows. Together, these words create a perfect expression for the haunting month in a century-old building in downtown Muncie.

    The artist Lynette Whitesell says about her work, “Scabrous Sciaphobia is defined to me as a fear of shadows that is full of difficulties. Interpreted differently, this body of work confronts life issues, fears, relationships and struggles that haunt us in our lives and how we hide from those struggles.

    “I enjoy pushing our classically-conditioned society to peer at the difference between happy and sad, dark and light, etc. I am utilizing heavy impasto with strong hues juxtaposed with photos and ephemera from long ago. I relate our lives and years of experience with multiple layers on the panel. These mixed media pieces resemble encaustic work with techniques that include different textures, images, transfers, text and new to my work: stitching.”

    Whitesell works in mixed media, using heavy pigments and strong hues juxtaposed with photos from long ago. One piece, titled, “The Culmination of Amy,” shows a young couple, embraced, perhaps in gardening or work clothes. They are surrounded by a collage of brightly colored papers, hand-stitched on one side, with illegible writing across the scene. Is it a postcard? The couple looks down at the ground in front of them. Are they planting something, or burying something? What difficulties or shadows are we being shown?

    Born and raised in Hartford City, Indiana, Lyn is a fine arts graduate of Ball State University. She has worked in East Central Indiana for sixteen years as a graphic designer, illustrator, and creative director and has won numerous awards for her graphic design work. She has also taught at the collegiate level, conducted arts workshops, participated in the Governor’s Arts Awards, and serves on the board of Arts Place in Portland, Indiana. The recipient of two Indiana Arts Commission Artist Grants, Lyn has exhibited her work in art shows and galleries, and has work in numerous public and private collections.

    The artist will speak briefly about her work and answer questions beginning at 6:15 PM. Light refreshments will be served, and the public is invited to attend. There will be art-related activities for both children and adults. Gordy Fine Art & Framing is located at 224 East Main Street, next door to Muncie Civic Theatre. For more information, call 765-284-8422, visit Gordy Fine Art & Framing on Facebook, or go to their website,


    Horizon Convention Center
    401 S High

    “The Horizon Convention Center will host the Prime Trust soup crawl and the wonderful art work that the stitchers from Elegant Needlepoint shop.”


    The Living Room
    130 W Jackson

    Ball State's Fine Arts League presents a collaborative show featuring works from student artists in the university community. Come check out works in a variety of media from drawings, to hand-made books, to design, and much much more! The League will also be selling artfully-decorated cookies and artist trading cards.


    Muncie Civic Theatre
    216 E Main
    Muncie Open Screen

    Muncie Open Screen is a monthly showcase for local filmmakers at the Muncie Civic Theatre. It operates similarly to an ‘Open Mic Night’ for singers or comedians— local filmmakers can bring their short films, music videos, commercials, home movies, or whatever else they have in a video format and see it played on the big screen.

    There is no cost to submit, but there will be an optional, suggested donation at the door. All donations go directly to the Muncie Civic Theater. Each screening is all ages and open to the public.


    Muncie Makes Lab
    628 S Walnut

    CAP Americano Sur 2014: An exhibition of Latin American design seen through the eyes of sixteen College of Architecture and Planning students. One Month / Two Continents / Four Countries / Ten Cities

    Artistic Explorations of the Proposed Damming of the White River:  Work created by local artists Judy Wand, Cindy Norrick Turner, the Hoosier Environmental Council and others in support of the movement against damming the White River in Anderson will explore both large scale and small scale impacts of this proposed dam on the environment.  Analyses of the affected area in Mounds State Park, by students from the College of Architecture and Planning will accompany this exhibit.​


    Rose Court
    125 E Charles

    Rose Court is pleased to have the following artists for the October's Arts Walk – featuring the work of two award winning photographers – Jennifer Smith and Andrea Swartz as well as the pen & ink work of students from Ball State University.

    Jennifer Smith is a self-taught photographer who enjoys using her skills to document her travels.  This past summer she spent two weeks in Iceland.  Thursday's exhibit features images highlighting colors and textures of this unique and beautiful country.

    Andrea Swartz is an architect and professor at Ball State University's Department of Architecture.  Her photography work is used in the exploration of architecture and informs her design process and the communication of ideas.  The photographs presented document the design competition Sukkahville2013 in Toronto Canada, in which Swartz's design for a sukkah (small temporary structure used in the celebration of Sukkot, a Jewish festival) was selected as a finalist in an international design competition.  The project was built and exhibited in Toronto with help from the build team of Shannon Buchanan and Morganne Walker (undergraduates in architecture), Julie Musial (graduate architecture student), Janice Shimizu (faculty), Maya Coggeshall and Jennifer Smith.  For more information on Sukkahville2013 see

    Student Exhibition of self-portrait pen and ink drawings by advanced-level drawing and animation students in the School of Art at Ball State University: Barbara Balogun, Shawna Gardner, Paisley Hansen, Sydney Hellgeth, Jordan Johnson, Jordan Lewers, William Long, Kait Mahl, Jessica Maxwell, Ty Porter, Rachel Scott, Bowen Tang, Maureen Van Empeh.

    Coordinated by Assistant Professor, Barbara Giorgio. "


    Corner of Walnut and Charles Streets

    YART is a Yard Sale for Art! YART began in Muncie, Indiana with students at Ball State University and continues in several U.S. cities! The Muncie YART is now held Downtown, twice a year, Spring and Fall.

    Muncie’s Fall YART 2014 will be held in conjunction with the October 2014 ArtsWalk, in the Old National Financial lot on the corner of Walnut and Charles Streets in Downtown Muncie, Indiana, on Thursday, October 2nd, from 5-9pm. This community art sale, with a goal of making art affordable and accessible to everyone, brings together artists and art patrons in a casual and unique setting.

    All forms of art are welcome! Art of all kinds, by all kinds of artists! YART encourages interaction between artists and the community, hoping to make art more accessible, especially to those who think they cannot afford to buy art for themselves. To this goal, all YART art will be priced below $40!

    Each YART Artist will be present throughout YART to meet the public, discuss their art, handle sales personally, and some artists will be making art LIVE at YART!

    The Fall 2014 YART will feature holiday decorations and gifts, beaded jewelry, photography, oil/acrylic/watercolor paintings, fused glass art and jewelry, knits for children and adults, drawings, sculpture, lampwork glass beads, knit stuffed animals, clothing, digital art, poetry, faeries, mosaics, the YART Hands-On Children’s ArtSpace, Bette Graham Memorial Print-Making for Kids presented by The Artist Within, the Art Mart Mobile Supply Shop, the BSU Ceramics Guild, the John Peterson Pottery Students, LIVE MUSIC, and so much more!

    Fun for all ages - YART and ArtsWalk are for the whole family!

    LIKE Muncie-Yart on FaceBook!

Dec 4, 2014


  • First Thursday 5pm to 8pm @ Downtown
    Sculpture on display at The Artist Within Artwork on display at Muncie Makes Lab Artwork on display at Muncie Makes Lab Artwork on display at Muncie Makes Lab Artwork on display at Rose Court Artwork on display at Rose Court Artwork on display at Valhalla

    The Artist Within
    313 S Walnut

    Seasonal Showcase – December at the Artist Within will feature a “Seasonal Showcase”, artwork by their member artists; just in time for holiday gift giving or a personal treat. There will also be a book sale and signing during the First Thursday Artists Reception December 4th from 5-8pm.

    Local artist /author Laurie Lunsford will be on site to sign copies of her book It’s a Piece of Cake.

    Please make plans to join us for light refreshments and a fun-filled evening.


    Gordy Fine Art & Framing Co.
    224 E Main

    Annual Salon Show – Our gallery wall will be packed with artwork from each of our 2D artists! Sculpture, pottery & jewelry will of course be on display throughout the rest of the gallery.

    Grey Line Performance – And our Nook gallery will feature watercolors by Ball State Student, Sibley Barlow. Her exhibit, "Grey Line Performance" will continue through January 31st alongside the Annual Salon Show.

    Per usual, our Salon Show is a gifting friendly exhibit and any work purchased before the holidays can be taken home the same day! This means the exhibit will transform several times before it comes down in January, so we encourage you to visit more than just once!

    Artist Talk @ 6:15 and light refreshments will be served.


    Heorot Pub & Draught House (21+)
    219 S Walnut

    Ethan Yazel is an Art Student at Ball State University focusing on Animation. With each page he opens a small window to a new fantastic world, ready for exploring. His artwork will be on display in the Heorot's gallery space.


    IDIA Lab
    300 S Walnut

    Ball State University's Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts (IDIA Lab) explores the intersections between the arts and technology to create engaging and immersive experiences. Using simple motion and gestures, visitors can explore rich 3D environments using MS Kinect, the Oculus Rift and the Leap Motion! Come explore, learn and play!


    Muncie Makes Lab
    628 S Walnut

    A+form – An interactive installation by undergraduate and graduate students at Ball State University College of Architecture and Planning. Initiated by a basic understanding of surface geometry, the students developed a series of fabricated objects that can be arranged individually or collectively within a space. Users are encouraged to move, stack, and engage the objects as a way of understanding the formal logic behind their nesting capabilities.

    Middletown Movies – Five short stories of Muncie's social and cultural history created by Fourth Year Architecture students in a seminar course at Ball State University will be shared at Art Walk. The students will also display illustrated manifestoes of their role as architects in the 21st century.  

    Utopian Chairs – A selection of  simple wood chairs and storage cabinets designed, drawn, and built by BSU Architecture students.  Prof Joshua R Coggeshall, AIA  (photo by Joshua R Coggeshall, chair by Nick Dodge)​

    Visual Arts Class – A showcase of prints by Cornerstone students taught by Karen Fisher of Art Mart


    Rose Court
    125 E Charles

    Approximately 10-15 members of the Muncie Artists Guild will be showing some of their work at the Rose Court. Their work will include watercolor, acrylic, oil, 3D photography and mixed medium.  Please bundle up and join us for refreshments, conversations and the love of art.  Items for sale will include cards, jewelry, oil paintings, watercolors and special works which will make wonderful gifts for the holiday or for any occasion.

    The Magic City Music Men will carol through the Streets of DWNTWN stopping to entertain in galleries, restaurants and bars along the way. They will begin at the Rose Court at approximately 7:15. 


    The Valhalla Room (21+)
    215 S Walnut

    Mike Moon is a self-taught creator of dark, surreal, visionary art from Farmland, Indiana. His preferred medium is ink and watercolor pencil drawings, but he also loves to work with colored pencils, acrylics, digital, and mixed media art as well. His work will be on display in Valhalla's gallery space for the month of December.

Oct 6, 2016


Mar 4, 2018


Mar 11, 2018


Mar 18, 2018


Mar 25, 2018


Apr 8, 2018


Apr 15, 2018


Apr 22, 2018


Apr 29, 2018


May 6, 2018


May 13, 2018


May 20, 2018


May 27, 2018


Jun 3, 2018


Jun 10, 2018


Jun 17, 2018


Jun 24, 2018


Jul 1, 2018


Jul 8, 2018


Jul 15, 2018


Jul 22, 2018


Jul 29, 2018


Aug 5, 2018


Aug 12, 2018


Aug 19, 2018


Aug 26, 2018


Sep 2, 2018


Sep 9, 2018


Sep 16, 2018


Sep 23, 2018


Sep 30, 2018


Oct 4, 2018


  • Artswalk (full listing) 5pm to 9pm @ Downtown Muncie


    Debbie’s Handmade Soap: 123 S. Walnut St. 

    Celebrating two years Downtown. Door prizes and refreshments. 

    Kirk’s Bike Shop: 124 S. Walnut St. 

    Open late; offering flat tire repair clinics. 

    Wishbone Gifts: 201 S. Walnut St. 

    Featured artist Lucas Reidenbach will hang his work inside the shop and will be doing live painting in front of the shop on Walnut Street. 

    The Hayloft Boutique: 202 S. Walnut St. 

    Nash FM will be on site promoting Alpha Center Adult Day Services Charity Event.  

    Valhalla: 215 S. Walnut St. 

    Governor Davis will play after ArtsWalk/Soup Crawl for an open jam night, beginning at 8:30. No cover. 

    Former Chase Bank Building: 220 S. Walnut St. 

    The Muncie Arts and Culture Council and PlySpace, an artist-in-residence, will present a short performance by PlySpace resident Linda Ryan. During ArtsWalk, she will perform a solo dance titled “The Teller” inside the former Chase Bank building. The 10-minute performance about money, credit, and the sinister side of customer service will be viewable through the bank windows on Walnut Street and will begin at 7:30. The audience should gather outside of the building on Walnut Street shortly before the performance.  

    Downtown Flea Market, Oddities and Antiques: 227 S. Walnut St. 

    Featuring Oddities Dealers and their wares. Some are collectors of the unusual, such as a dinosaur egg, anaconda skin, 200-year-old skulls from the Catacombs, rare articulated animal skeletons, an opium pipe from 1890, and so much more. Refreshments will be served.

    Heidi J Hale and Olive & Slate 

    20% off at both locations. 

    Toys Forever Models & Hobbies: 300 S. Walnut St. 

    Keep playing with Toys Forever Models & Hobbies during ArtsWalk! They will be displaying and offering hands-on demonstrations, both in the store and on the sidewalk. While you are on the corner of Walnut and Adams, be sure to check out their spooky Halloween window displays, too! 

    Made in Muncie: 313 S. Walnut St. 

    Will be featuring Published, a series of black and white photographs by artist Angie Hedman. Angie is an artist, writer, gallery coordinator (The Cup), and high school art educator (Monroe Central) who creates and resides in Muncie. Her photos focus on the details, flaws, deterioration, shadows, and understated intricacies of the everyday objects that surround her. The collection of exhibited photos have appeared in literary magazines and journals throughout the past year.

    The Caffeinery: 401 S. Walnut St. 

    Featuring the photographic work of Jayne Rohlfing.

    Muncie Makes Lab: 628 S. Walnut St. 

    pink punch: an all-pink show celebrating the color pink! Multiple mediums are represented in this show, from both fresh and familiar local artists. pink punch is a meaningful collection of heartfelt artwork, good vibes, and a sincere love of pink.


    Muncie Map Company: 111 E. Adams St. 

    Muncie Map Co. will be celebrating its Grand Opening Extravaganza by launching The United States of Data, a gallery show and map series by shop cartographer Andy Shears. He will be examining the aesthetic quality of geospatial data with a set of 2,640 different maps. Their acclaimed Muncie Ramones tribute T-shirt will be available. Live music by Beard of Rock, munchies, and freebies.

    The Neely House: 617 E. Adams St. 

    Muncie’s newest farm-to-table upscale dining destination will host its ribbon cutting ceremony at 4 p.m. and celebrate its grand opening throughout the evening. Listen for the ringing of the original Muncie Central High School bell as the ribbon is cut. Come explore the newly renovated Neely House, the history, the grounds, and a superlative dining experience.


    Twin Archer Brewpub: 119 W. Charles St. 

    Will present a show of children’s art titled Impressions of my Neighborhood. 20 young artists from across Muncie have created artwork about their neighborhoods. Ball State’s Building Better Neighborhoods program will be on site with postcards for youth visitors to fill out about what they love about their school, neighborhood, or city. These postcards are part of a campaign to share positive stories with our neighbors and will be mailed to randomly selected addresses across the city of Muncie. 
    The restaurant will also have decorated pumpkins and pumpkin beer on draft. 

    The Fickle Peach: 117 E. Charles St. 

    Exhibition by Lori Ricciardi Wright and Annie Wright. 

    Forever Young: 125 E. Charles St. 
    Featuring an apple cider stand and an abundance of cuteness.  

    YART: Canan Commons 

    YART is a Yard Sale for Art!  

    This community art sale, with a goal of making art affordable and accessible to everyone, brings together artists and art patrons in a casual and unique setting. YART will ring the park at Canan Commons this year. The Pumpkin Trail & Glow will lead you right to YART. 

    The Fall 2018 Muncie YART will feature a wide variety of handmade jewelry, photography, clothing, oil/acrylic/watercolor paintings, fused glass, ceramics, knits, pottery, candles, toys, drawings, sculptures, lampwork glass, stuffed animals, digital art, mosaics, live art, and live music. 

    Pumpkin Trail & Glow  

    Follow the Pumpkin Trail throughout the streets of downtown Muncie during ArtsWalk. The Pumpkin Trail will end at Canan Commons with the Community Pumpkin Glow contest. Cash prizes will be awarded @ 8 p.m. from the stage. 

    Prizes are as follows: 1st place, $250; 2nd place, $1003rd place, $50 prizeHonorable Mention, DWNTWN gift bag.

    MAIN ST.

    Cornerstone Center for the Arts: 520 E. Main St. 

    Will host the opening reception of A Nature Walk with God, featuring a collection of landscape paintings by regional artist Barbara Kuntz. The reception will take place in the newly renovated Judith Barnes Memorial Gallery on the second floor of Cornerstone Center for the Arts from 5 to 7 p.m.  

    In the collection A Nature Walk with God, artist Barbara Kuntz utilizes the act of painting to explore a journey of self-expression. Drawn to nature as a place of rejuvenation, Barbara began each painting using only the memories of places she has been as inspiration. She then allows the painting to evolve into an image of its own making. This experiential process encourages the paint colors, the paint brushes, and a little technique to create work that allows the imperfections in life to exist without an eraser. Barbara has found natural recurring subjects—trees, water, rocks, and sky—within her body of work, creating a sense of solitude and peace.

    Gordy Fine Art & Framing Company: 224 E. Main St. 

    Will open the exhibition Hurley Goodall: Muncie Icon.  Photographs will be drawn from Ball State University’s Archives and Special Collections, a department of Ball State University Libraries. Copies will be sold to benefit the Delaware County Historical Society’s effort to commission a statue of Muncie's great African-American leader. Light refreshments will be served.  

    Downtown Farm Stand: 125 E. Main St. 

    Smoking Bratwurst with kraut and mustard in front of the store.


    The Guardian Brewery: 514 E. Jackson St. 

    We're Still Makin' It: Work by Mark King and Pat Kowalski King. 

    Book Arts Collaborative and Tribune Showprint: 514 E. Jackson St. 

    Artist Scott Wood will be featured at First Thursday this month. Scott turns acrylic and exotic wood barrels for pens by hand and assembles them using pre-cast parts. 

    Scott will be demonstrating and selling pens. This is an opportunity to shop Scott’s incredible inventory and observe Scott creating his pens. 

    Stop by Book Arts Collaborative and Tribune Showprint for shop tours and a hands-on printing experience. 

    Gindhart at MadJax: 514 E. Jackson St. 

    Debra Gindhart's 2018 exhibit, Girl Power, tells of influencing cultural attitudes and the transformation of stereotypes. There is no singular medium or style that unites feminist artists—they often combine aspects from various movements and media, including conceptual art, body art, and wearable art into works that present a message about women's experiences and the need for gender equality. Gindhart uses aerosol paints, acrylics, and assemblage technique pieces. 

    Debra Gindhart's Trafficked ArtReal Babes RecycleArmed & Polite,#Metoo series, and Degradation Dolls will highlight her ArtsWalk 2018 exhibit. She will also have her Green Glam Studio collection of HAUTE COUTURE HANGERS featured in her artist show and reception. 

    A meet and greet with the artist and light refreshments will be offered. Gindhart’s studio is located on the second floor of MadJax. 

    CAP Makes Muncie Makes at the Madjax Maker Hub: 514 E. Jackson St. 

    Through the Motivate Our Minds after-school program, College of Architecture and Planning students are working with 4th- through 8th-grade students as part of the CAP Makes Muncie Makes initiative. Students will exhibit their hand-made sketchbooks as well as preliminary designs for signs and construction games for the M.O.M. community garden. 

    CAP Makes Muncie Makes and Motivate Our Minds will show community workshop design ideas for the M.O.M. community garden, adjacent to Shaffer chapel, as well as photos from preliminary work done by M.O.M. students and TEENWORKS. 

    M.O.M. teachers: Morgan Aprill, Marilyn Marks, and Leah Bowman. M.O.M. students: Justin, NaKyla, Arshaun, Brayden, Cayden, Matthew, and CJ. BSU mentors: Mason Olson, Pam Harwood, Janice Shimizu. 

    N. HIGH ST.

    Hans Heintzelman/Hub Community Garden, sponsored by Spangler Farms: 101 N. High St. 

    Heintzelman Hardwood Floors/Floors for Forests: Free tree giveaway (Red, White and Black Oak; Sycamore; Flowering Dogwood; and River Birch). Tree planting demo at 6:45. Music featuring Jason Beeson and Billy Brown.  

    103 N. High St.  

    Soup Crawl location for Grains and Grille. Bad Dad will be on site. Retrospective of Artwork by Hans Heintzelman. 

    Aw Yeah Comics: 107 N. High St.  

    Featuring work by James Ong, an animation artist and BSU student, and other artists. 

    Savage’s Ale House: 127 N. High St. 

    Jeffrey Brackett will show abstract, colorful mixed-media (watercolor & ink) designs. All work is framed (9"x12"). 50% of all sales will be donated to The United Way of Delaware County in support of Ball State's annual fund-raising campaign. Come get some cool art and support your community at the same time!


    The Delaware County Historical Society: 120 E. Washington St. 

    Will rededicate the once-lost Charles Willard statue at 5 p.m. The limestone statue of the early Muncie mercantilist was placed in a third-story alcove of the Willard Building in 1887. In 1961, the building was torn down, and within a few years, the statue vanished. In 2016, the statue was found at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel, under the assumption it was a Confederate General. After some discussion regarding the statue’s true identity, it was returned to Muncie in September.  
    A vintage, Hoosier-made, 1866 Gaar Scott Steam Engine will cook the chili for this year’s Soup Crawl. Visitors may also tour the Moore-Youse Museum free of charge. The DCHS has three exhibits on display featuring Delaware County sports and athletic teams, Delaware County in the first World War, and Delaware County pottery.  

    Take a quick walk down east Adams Street to find great music, hot tea, and cider at Grace Episcopal Church on the corner of Adams and Madison. Guitarist and singer, Ric Dwenger, a Muncie native and long-time performer, will be playing and all proceeds will go to A Better Way. The concert begins at 7:30 p.m. wit a reception to follow.

    300 BLK S. WALNUT ST.

    Prime Trust is hosting a Soup Crawl benefiting Second Harvest Food Bank at a variety of DWNTWN and other locally owned restaurants. Tickets are available in advance for $20 at all Prime Trust branches and Second Harvest Food Bank.

    A Taste of Magic Catering (at KidsPeace)
    Ancestral Meats (at Rose Court)
    Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Central Indiana (soup by Sitara Indian Cuisine)
    Casa Del Sol Mexican Grill
    Courtyard Marriott Bistro
    Delaware County Historical Society
    Emily Kimbrough Museum
    Grains & Grill (at 103 N. High St.)
    Harmony Café
    Heorot Pub & Draught House
    Horizon Convention Center
    Inside Out Fresh Directions (at Pridemark Construction)
    Ivy Tech Chesterfield’s Café
    Maadi Grill
    Mamma’s Soul Food
    MCL Restaurant & Bakery (at AQS Staffing)
    Minnetrista (at Kirk’s Bike Shop)
    Muncie Civic Theatre (soup by Fuji Sushi & Hibachi)
    New Corner Brewing Co. (at NW Corner of Walnut & Charles)
    Olive Garden (at Pazols Jewelers)
    osteria 32 (at Intersection)
    Outback Steakhouse (at Frank Brinkman Law)
    Pete’s Bar & Grill (at The Fickle Peach)
    Texas Roadhouse (at NW Corner of Walnut & Main)
    Thr3e Wise Men
    Twin Archer Brewpub
    Vera Mae’s Bistro
    VKA Kitchen & Catering (at George Insurance)
    Welch Winery (at 220 S. Walnut St.)


    Will play from 6–7 p.m. at the corner of Charles and Walnut Streets. The performance is sponsored by Raymond James and Associates. Selections from West Side StoryThe Sound of MusicInto the Woods, and others will be featured.


    ·       Pottery students from Ball State's School of Art will be doing pottery demonstrations on Walnut Street outside of Made in Muncie Pottery, weather permitting. 

    ·       David Owsley Museum of Art at Ball State University: Visit DOMA's table for giveaways and Artreach activities with DOMA docents and staff. 

    ·       Live musical and dance performances at Canan Commons Stage 

    ·       The Atrium Gallery will feature the work of Muncie native John McNaughton, who taught woodworking, drawing, and sculpture. The gallery will be open until 8 p.m., and McNaughton will present a Gallery Talk at 5 p.m.

Oct 7, 2018


Oct 14, 2018


Oct 21, 2018


Oct 28, 2018


Nov 4, 2018


Nov 11, 2018


Nov 18, 2018


Nov 25, 2018


Dec 2, 2018


Dec 9, 2018


Dec 16, 2018


Dec 23, 2018


Dec 30, 2018


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