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8 Past Events at Westside Park

There are no upcoming events at Westside Park

Sep 24, 2011


Sep 8, 2012


Sep 14, 2013


  • 7th Annual White River Cleanup 8am to 12pm @ Westside Park

    Join us for the 7th Annual White River Cleanup this year at Westside Park in Muncie on Saturday, September 14th. 

    The White River Cleanup has been responsible for removing over 72,000 pounds of trash and 500+ tires from our beautiful river. It has drawn well over 2,000 volunteers over the years, with last year bringing over 425 volunteers to Westside Park. 

    This year we have more work to do and need your help! Please help us spread the word and encourage your group, church, school, club, family and friends to attend.

    Check our Facebook page often for updates on this great event!

Aug 27, 2015


Sep 1, 2016


Oct 31, 2016


May 27, 2017


Aug 9, 2018