The Ex-Bombers with TV Moms

When Thursday, October 14, 2021
Where Be Here Now
505 N. Dill Street
What Music the village, vinyl, punk, alternative music, rock music, pop music, concerts
Cost $5
Ages 21+
The Ex-Bombers The Ex-Bombers TV Moms TV Moms

The Ex-Bombers are a sinister psychedelic blues duo who play suspiciously resonant songs harnessing the thunder of electric 8-string bass and drums, a pair of wrecking ball voices, and a delightful kaleidoscope perspective of a world on fire. Since 2010 they have been amassing a cult following through their scintillating live shows and five electrifying vinyl releases on Cavetone Records.

with TV Moms (Minneapolis)

TV Moms is a loud, grungy, guitar-drums, guy-guy rocknroll two-piece band. Ok, not all the songs are loud. There’s some singing in there, but not vocal gymnastics. Bummer rock is a thing? But a little more sarcastic. Riff-based guitar stuff that is really fun to play, even if you don’t play guitar that much. And Dave plays drums. He broke a stick a couple times.