Our Patterns - Muncie

Join PlySpace and BSU School of Art, for a final projection performance of the Our Patterns Muncie project.

This multi-channel installation in the courtyard of Ball State University’s Art and Journalism building represents an emotional physical culmination for the Our Patterns - Muncie project: a three-week collaboration between initiating artist and PlySpace Fellow Natan Diacon-Furtado and over 100 students and 5 faculty members of the school of art’s 2D Design Fundamentals program.

Throughout the project, students responded to project prompts provided by Diacon-Furtado and facilitated by the BSU faculty. Each prompt was posted on Instagram at @Ourpatterns_Muncie, and is still available for the public to follow along with the project. In order to give the students and public a way to watch the iterative creative project unfold, the students were instructed to post their working and final designs on Instagram, creating a collaborative digital "quilt" with blocks of pattern.

The project continues to live on indefinitely as a digital community quilt displayed through Instagram (@Ourpatterns_muncie), and as a testament to the power of forming intentional communities through creativity.

On Thursday the 12th of November, we will present the final installment, a multi-channel installation that will feature the large-scale projections of student-designed patterns in a random sequence, injecting chance and randomness into the quilt as a way of making new links and discoveries in this collaboratively built visual language.

This event will be held outdoors in the BSU School of Art Sculpture Courtyard. You can access the courtyard from the parking lot between the Art and Journalism Building and the Teachers College. The projections will be visible from 6:30 - 8 PM. Masks are required. This event is free and open to the public.


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