The Fall 2020 Muncie YART on Facebook

YART is a Yard Sale for Art held on the First Thursday of every May and October! All Art under $40! All Artists handle their sales with you directly!

The pandemic has challenged everyone on Earth, and most recently, my related challenge has been as long-time Director of YART, Muncie’s Yard Sale for Art, coming up - and going fully online - on Thursday, October 1st. The Fall 2020 Muncie YART will happen! All the talented YART Artists will have their work for sale in a special Facebook group I’ve created. We are keeping that yard sale vibe going by all Art being priced under $40 and all Artists handling their own sales. The last Fall YART showcased over 150 Artists! YART is my giant twice-a-year volunteer gift to Muncie. I never charge any Artist to participate; and I have no staff and no budget. I heartily invite the entire community to come buy some Art at YART on October’s First Thursday at the following Facebook group:

ARTISTS: Sign up to sell at YART for FREE! Join us at Muncie YART on Facebook!