Muncie MusicFest 2016

Get ready for the 10th annual Muncie MusicFest, brought to you by First Merchants Bank, First Merchants Private Wealth Advisors, the Muncie Arts and Culture Council, and Cornerstone Center for the Arts.

This festival takes place at six locations across Muncie, includes over 40 bands from our local and extended Muncie music community, and is absolutely FREE to attend.

Cornerstone Center for the Arts (520 E. Main)
Colonnade Room (Cornerstone)
5:00pm - Cocaine Culture (stoner, hipster, garbage)
6:00pm - Mint (gaze rock)
7:00pm - SeepeopleS (indie rock)
8:00pm - Dr. Boldylocks and the Twitter All-Stars
9:00pm - The Indigos (alternative/funk/rock/pop)

E. B. Ball Auditorium (Cornerstone)
5:00pm - Scaling Giantss (folk/blues)
6:00pm - Steve Robert and the Jazzmanian Devils (folk rock)
7:00pm - TK Hanley (folk rock)
8:00pm - Katie Garringer (folk, country)
9:00pm - Timbre (chamber folk rock)

Grand Hall (Cornerstone)
5:00pm - The Meanies (folk rock)
6:00pm - The No Good Riders (rock, roll)
7:00pm - Von Strantz (indie folk rock)
8:00pm - Beyond The Grid (electronic rock)
9:00pm - Void King (stoner rock)

Great Room (Cornerstone)
5:30pm - Emosahn (edm)
6:30pm - DJP (edm, house, dubstep, trap, drum and bass)
7:30pm - Shxps (future bass, edm, house)
8:30pm - Spacexlion (future bass, trap, chiptune)

Legacy Room (Cornerstone)
6:30pm - Pistol Grip Shift (muscle car metal)
7:30pm - The 4% (roots punk, folk punk)
8:30pm - Man With A Gun (hard rock, metal, progressive)

The Acoustic Room (1501 W Kilgore, 21+)
9:00pm - Hei$t (hip hop)
9:45pm - GOLDENEYE (hip hop)
10:30pm - Matt Foy (hip hop)
11:15pm - Team Unity (hip hop, rap, rock)
12:00am - JayWill365 & SoulChild Quise (hiphop/rap)
1:00am - Planet Boom Bap (hip hop, rap, funk, soul, rock)

The Big Shots Ballroom (2150 White River Blvd., Ste. D, 21+)
9:00pm - The Joshlyn Crouch Band (country)
10:00pm - Bryce Ernest Taylor Music (progressive folk, americana)
11:00pm - The Elixirs (punk country, americana, psychobilly)

The Mark III Tap Room (306 S Walnut St, 21+)
9:00pm - Lonestra (edm)
10:00pm - T-ROUB (hardstyle, trap, electronic)
11:00pm - Mephysto (jungle, drum and bass, dub, experimental)
12:00am - Ejion (bass house, neurofunk, dubstep, drum and bass)

Valhalla Venue (215 S Walnut St, 21+)
8:00pm - The BBIGG Band (classic rock/blues)
9:00pm - Pedal Tones (blues)
10:00pm - Governor Davis Band (rockin' blues)
11:00pm - Sonny Yingst Band (blues rock)

Village Green Records (519 N Martin St.)
8:00pm - Architecture Aviva (progressive rock, instrumental, post-rock)
9:00pm - Analog Bandits (progressive groove rock)

Be sure to like the Muncie Musicfest Facebook page and visit for band bios and streaming music. Thanks for supporting local music and keeping this festival going for ten years!