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Jun 9, 2017


Jun 17, 2017


  • Anarchist Baby Collective - First meeting 5pm @ Heekin Park
    Feel free to distribute this flyer!

    Anarchist Baby Collective (ABC) is a group of parents/caretakers with a mostly left-leaning bent that meets once a month in East Central Indiana (Anderson/Muncie area) to respectfully discuss politics, social justice issues, current events—and how these things intersect with parenting. We are not all (necessarily) anarchists - but how can you pass up an acronym that works out to ABC?

    If you’re more right-leaning, you’re welcome to join us, just know you’ll probably be outnumbered.

    Our first meeting is set to take place at Heekin Park in Muncie. We'll be in cabin #5 beginning at 5:00 PM, and we'll leave when people feel like they're ready to go - or when our kids start getting tired, whichever comes first. Our reservation is good until the park closes at 11 PM. We'll just need to make sure we clean up before we leave.

    After this meeting, we'll likely start rotating between houses or other spaces for meetings, sometimes in Muncie, sometimes in Anderson. It just seemed right to have the first meeting on "neutral ground" like a park so that nobody felt awkward going to a stranger's house.

    The game plan is to get to know one another, discuss how future meetings should play out, talk about whatever issues are on our mind, etc. Food and drink are welcome - just no alcohol. Park rules.

    Kids of all ages are welcome at our meetings. They can play with one another, or even join in the conversation if they're so inclined.

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    Author: Nate Rose