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Sep 5, 2015


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Sep 11, 2015


  • "The Guys" Opening Night Event 6pm to 9pm @ Valhalla
    Cost: $15/person $20/couple
    Ages: 21+
    lysabarry@sbcglobal.net facebook.com/thinkdogproductions

    Think, Dog! and Valhalla are teaming up to offer a special night of entertainment on Opening Night of The Guys.  This short play by Anne Nelson stars community actors Tom Cherry and Katy Wolfe and is directed by Tony Robinson.  Musical artists from among the community and a silent art auction will fill out the evening. There will be light food and the bar will be open for purchasing drinks.  Tickets will be $15 per person or $20 per couple.

    Proceeds from Opening Night and following productions will be donated to Muncie Firefighters' Donation Fund and Fallen Heroes Memorial Bridge Fund.

    The Guys by Anne Nelson is a short, moving drama about coming to terms with the events of 9/11/01.  A fire captain and a journalist work together to create eulogies for the men lost from a single station.  Using only two characters and a minimal set, the play brings focus and humanity to those lost on that day. 

    Tags: acting, auction, doc peterson, downtown, dwntwn, fundraising, singing, the bashville boys, theater
    Source: http://facebook.com/thinkdogproductions
    Author: Lysa Franklin

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