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Oct 25, 2014


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Oct 30, 2014

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Nov 2, 2014


  • Michaels Grand Opening in Muncie 10am to 7pm @ McGalliard Shopping Center

    Join Michaels for the grand opening of the new store in Muncie on Sunday Nov. 2! Michaels will be giving away more than $1,000 in gift cards and prizes hourly throughout the day, and customers can win jewelry, art supplies, stickers and more from the plinko prize board. 

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    Author: Heather Byrd
  • Trivia Brawl 9pm to 11pm @ Be Here Now

    Every week, egos are crushed and legends are born at Trivia Brawl, Muncie's longest-running trivia gameshow. Since 2007, Trivia Brawl has been mixing comedy, current events, politics, local pride, pop culture, science, history, an arms race of terrible team names, and alcohol into an Entertainment Nergasm Bonanza™.
    - All players are encouraged to gain a competitive advantage by requesting topics
    - Every tenth question is part of our inadvertent quest to discriminate against the deaf, and has players listening to a song and attempting to identify its title, band, and album.
    - The fifth round is a special visual aid round in which the blind are instead at an unfair disadvantage.
    - Booster Charades: The team in last place can optionally play a round of charades on stage for a bonus point while we point and laugh at them
    - Punitive Karaoke: A team deemed worthy of punishment is called upon to read a sheet of lyrics with neither musical accompaniment nor a clue what the song is. All teams can get up to two points if they can correctly guess the band or the title of the song.

    Come and play for free, solo or with a team, and show off your command of all knowledge trivial. Win, and split up $25 in food and drinks. Lose, and possibly get a prize anyway. The games tend to last an hour and a half, unless we go into a Sudden Death Lightning Bloodfeud Overtime Round (of Death)™.

    Sign up before 8:30pm to get a bonus point!

    Sundays at 9pm at Be Here Now
    505 N Dill St., Muncie, IN
    Food and drinks / All ages

    Stalk us on Facebook!

    Email us at trivia@PhantomWatson.com if you have questions or topic requests.

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    Author: Graham Watson

Nov 6, 2014