Come Together Arts & Music Fest

The first festival of the year, every year, is a coming together of everyone to see people they haven’t seen, go to a favorite spot, hang out, dance, party, spin, hula, camp-out, swim, dream, meet new people, see things, LEARN new things & get ready for the rest of the festie season.

This year we are putting together a plethora of different genres, artists & spinners of all shapes & sizes and are bringing them here for you. We have gotten together with other people that make things happen & are combining our forces to bring you an arts & music festival that will live on as the season opener of the Midwest. This is going to be so much fun!

Weekend Admission & Vending go on sale on Feb 1st.

Weekend Prices:
Children 12 & under will be free as always
Early Bird sales (Feb 1st - Feb 14th) $25.00
Pre-Sales (Feb 15th - April 19th) $35.00
Day of Event $45.00

Day Passes:
Friday $25.00
Saturday $35.00
(this is a special deal we are going to continue to try out as long as everyone cooperates. lol. regardless of the time you come in, Day Pass Holders are expected to packed up and leaving the grounds by noon the following day. no exceptions. parking will be by the concession.)

3 band stages featuring jam, blues, rock, reggae, bluegrass, electro funk, alternative, electronic, acoustic, and dance, sponsored by Skyy's Burning Pro.
Arpetrio; Aliver Hall; Brian Fortner; Boogie Matrix; Blue Caboose; Cathy Morris; Covert; Coy-Koi; Crawpuppies; Dell Zell; Dixon's Violin; Dusk till Dawn; Electric Jug Band; Elemental Groove Theory; Embryonic Fluid; Entropy; Fresh Hops; Flatland Harmony Experiment; Hayden Calling; Howard Lewis Lovins; Josh Hann; Kaleidoscope Jukebox; Lounge Sound System; Magnetic; Midwest State of Mind; Mikial Robertson; Modern Motion; New Findland Radicals; Pharaoh Loosey; Phoenix On The Fault Line; Pinn Panelle; Rich Hardesty Band; Scales; Shadyside Allstars; Skeetones; Solumun Grundy; The Blak Notes; The Plan; The Worlds Slowest Come Back; Traveling Broke & Out of Gas; Pressed In Black; Venice Gas House Trolley; Vertigo Jazz Project; When, If Not; Whip Cream Wars; Will Woodrow Project

2 EDM stages featuring dubstep, drum n base, electro, breaks, trance, house, techno, hard style, and jungle, sponsored by Phd Pro

Friday DJs:

Saturday DJs:

GoGo Antics by the Envy GoGo Girls
The ENVY GOGO GIRLS or the "ENVIES" are not just GoGo Dancers, they are dedicated Stage Performers! Adorning the stages of Events featuring Artists from local favorites to Globally reknowned DJ's, the ENVIES guarantee a lip-smacking, head turning, show stopping, smokin' hot presentation, with an impact so FIERCE we make jaws drop like a sick bassline... cause we're mutha fuckin' BASS QUEENS!
Feeding you HiGh OcTaNe ViSuAL DiStOrTiOn

Electro Kittenz
These lovely girls started out their adventure as EDM performers in June 2010 working underground at a small parties in Indianapolis. Now they want to take their passion and share their crazy wacky fun with all the other music lovers out there! This team feels the bass in their bodies (and their booties ;D) to keep the audience hyped! Electro Kittenz are out to tingle your senses! Electro Kittenz aren't just there to look good, but they'll enhance the visual dramatization of your stage! They're not just dancers, they're performers and entertainers.


  • NORML presents: “different aspects of this weekend, the start of the 4/20 legend & more”
  • Environmental Workshops by Terry Kok.
  • Occupy Art Indy
  • Yoga- Alli & Darcy(aid)
  • Intermediate Poi- Elliott & Parker
  • Chakara Hoop- Darcy & Franki(aid)
  • Rope Dart-Grant
  • Double Staff-Elliott & Jessica(aid)
  • Puppyhammer-Harley
  • Juggling- Teo
  • Begging Poi- Vago & Teo
  • Fire Safety-Grant & Vago
  • Devil Stick- Cody & Darcy
  • Partner Poi- Cody, Darcy, Vago, & Jessica
  • Beginner Hoop- (either lynn, lindsey, or jessica)
  • Mini Hoops-(either lynn or jessica)
  • HoopDance-Lindsey
  • Basic Poi Geometry- Parker & Vago
  • Glove Lights- The Colors
  • Belly Dancing – Zhenna
  • Fire Safety Class
    Festival goers please note, this is a mandatory class you must take Fri or Sat night at 8pm to burn any toy at the Water Bowl. (We have the discretion to stop those not being safe or who are not ready at any time. This we do for your safety as well as our own. Thank you for understanding.)
  • Available Friday (6pm to 8pm) and Saturday (noon to 2pm and 6pm to 8pm)
    • Kandi Making
    • Hemp Knotting Workshop
    • Tie Dye Workshop

Outdoor Art Gallery:
As we love to do, we are having an outdoor art gallery. Voir Art de Fletcher will be sponsoring this years’ gallery. We will be showcasing artists from all over the midwest and several of our own local talents will be there! So come, listen, see, feel, touch & check out what our midwest artists have to offer!

Festival/Venue Décor:
Decor around the campgrounds will be done by Neural Patterns, Rays of Gnarly Sunshine, Angie Nauman Art and a handful of other local Midwest artists.

Kid Korner:
Activities for children of all ages are being organized & planned for this event. Activities will go on throughout the entire weekend for 3 hour periods of time. Those times will be posted closer to the event date.

Life-Size Games:
We have put together a small collection of games that can be played by yourself or a group of people just about anywhere. The fun thing about these games is that they are life size. So make sure to bring tennis shoes and be ready to get dirty with the rest of us!

Promotional artwork by Joy Hernandez
Photography by Life of the Party Entertainment  and Lorie Parker Wade

Stage Management:
Groovy Stage – Sound by The Water Bowl, visuals by Asylum Productions, and décor by Neural Patterns
Righteous Stage – Sound by Phd Pro
Far Out Stage – Sound by Ty Steigmeyer Sound and visuals by Freakie Beatz
Phd Pro Stage - Lights by Asylum Productions, and visuals by Jumbie Art

2 Bears Café; Bear Wear; Cave Baby Smokers; EVOlution Evident; Freakie Beats; Happy Earth Holistics; Illuminaughty Glow;; Kaleidoscope Eyes; Kind Suds; Makeshift Clothing; MamaSun Gifts; Mama's Weiner Wagon; Matt's Doghouse; Mista Freshy; Northern Lights; Ragin Cajun Kitchen ; Rainbotique; Sew Knotty; Solspiration

Sponsors/Supported by:
Dance Safe; Freakie Beat Visuals; Funk You, Inc.; Hidden Relic; High Deff Productions; Hippie Home Town Bakery; Kaleidescope Eyes; Kind Suds; Indiana Norml; IndyHoopers; Janky, Inc; Miss Hailyn Hoops; Neural Patterns; Norml; Sativa Pro; The Hippie Seed; Unknown Pro; Vevo Productions
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